How to become a blogger?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 29, 2012
How to become a blogger?

Everyone is just talking around about the impact of the blogosphere, about famous bloggers. But how to become a blogger?

Naturally, you need to start with registration on the resource you need. The most popular blog site in Russia is LiveJournal. She collects about 15 million views per month. Those who will not like LJ can try Google’s Blogger product and many other themed and not-so blog hosting sites.

After that, we advise you to competently issue your journal. Select the appropriate background, font, embed help buttons with additional scripts and so on. Although, for example, in LiveJournal, recently all functions have become built-in automatically, and you do not have to worry about it.

Next, we advise you to read the records of top bloggers, to determine what rules apply on the site, what language it is common to communicate, which is not welcomed by users. For example, in LJ, friends are extremely negative about jeans - commercial or political advertising disguised as the personal opinion of the author.Bloggers are usually subjective, but not biased. Lack of die "advertising" under the advertised product can cost you a lot of friends.

How to become a blogger thousandth?

In general, the most important thing is to decide on the theme of the blog. Thematic professional journals have a great success in LiveJournal, you will be added to it to expand your knowledge in a certain area. After all, the improvement in their profession is one of the significant motivations of blog users. Also relevant topics, for example, for LJ are politics, news, photography.

The so-called “virtuals” are very popular - blogs in which the author pretends to be another person. Moreover, such blogs should be written in good literary language. A striking example is the blog of prostitutes Kat in LiveJournal.

In order for your blog to become popular, you first need to work on your own. Comment on top posts to get noticed and start to log into your blog. Thus, for example, Lena Miro gained a large number of friends - a well-known Internet fitness fascist and brawler in real life.

Correctly use the keywords to your record, it is for them that search engines will search for your posts. A list of your best records is compiled, because if there are a lot of them, it will be difficult for your friends to look for them. Use links to top bloggers. They track those who refer to them and, in turn, can mutually promote you.

Now the ratings of the blogosphere are Yandex on its own criteria, such as the number of friends or influence. LJ, however, withdrew from accounting for the number of friends due to cheating bots and now takes into account only views and "social capital".

Write interesting. You will succeed!