How to be Barbie?

Almost every girl in childhood wanted to have at least one Barbie doll, very beautiful, with a gorgeous figure and a charming smile. Now Barbie has become fashionable: the girls themselves already want to be like this legendary doll. How to become Barbie in real life? If you want to be very similar to Barbie, read, memorize and implement our recommendations.

How to be a Barbie in real life: tips

  • Barbie has always beautiful, long (almost to the waist), healthy and shiny hair, so they definitely need to grow and take good care of them. Your hair should always be neat, they should be well combed and styled. Barbie's hair can be of any color, but blond hair is the most associated with this doll. If you wish, you can become a blonde, but you need to dye your hair with all the rules, so as not to spoil them. As for hairstyles, the hair can be worn straight and loose, make curls, high tails and braids.
  • Now about the face. To look like Barbie, you need to do a certain makeup.First you need to put a tonal foundation to even out the complexion, and after that - pinkish blush on the cheekbones. Then you need to put on the eyelids gentle shade of feminine hue - you can choose pinkish, purple, blue colors. After that you need to put a clear and smooth contour over the upper eyelid with black pencil. On the outer corners of the upper eyelids, you can draw small arrows to give your eyes a beautiful shape. Then you need to make up the eyelashes. Barbie's eyelashes are big, fluffy, long, black, so you can use black mascara with a 3D effect. Be sure to ensure that the eyelashes do not stick together. If desired (but not every day) you can use false eyelashes. It remains to make up your lips. Barbie has pink lips, so you need lipstick of that color. After applying the lipstick, you can add a little gloss to the lips - it will make the lips more plump. In the make-up should not be any vulgarity, dark and sharp tones. The face should be fresh, beautiful, like a pretty girl, a bit like a girl. If you want to add perfume to your image, then choose floral and sweet smells.
  • Barbie is famous for its perfect figure.Many girls, trying to become as close as possible to Barbie, do a lot of plastic surgeries just to achieve this ideal. But these operations can have a bad effect on health and appearance, in addition, a beautiful figure can be achieved in other ways. To be like Barbie, you need to be thin, but do not strive to become anorexic! If there is excess weight, try to get rid of it with the help of a sparing diet and sports. Get a weight that is consistent with your height. To make a thin waist, you need to do special exercises for the press, it is also useful to often twist the hoop. If you have small breasts, you can increase it if you wear push-up bras. To legs were long, you must learn to walk in high heels. If you can not wear such shoes or very uncomfortable, it is better not to torture yourself - you will be very pretty as well.
  • Now about clothes. Choose beautiful and delicate colors for outfits. The most popular, of course, is pink. But you can also wear blue, pistachio, lilac, white, pastel colors. As for specific clothes, Barbie can wear pants and dresses, and skirts, as long as they are beautiful and elegant.For a classic Barbie look, it’s better to choose a full pink skirt. Do not forget about cute accessories: jewelry, gloves, bag, umbrella, etc. - everything must be in harmony with the outfit and emphasize the style of Barbie.
  • There is a stereotype that Barbie is a stupid penny doll with a beautiful appearance and no more. You should not seem so, because you can become much better. Look at the Barbie doll - she has an open cheerful smile, a clear, straight look. And you be like that. Be interested in people, be benevolent towards others, fun, open, strive to learn new things, engage in various useful and good things, and not just flip through fashion magazines and go shopping. Then people around you will be attracted by your doll appearance, and an interesting character and kind attitude to people will in the future cause sympathy and a desire to be friends with you.

Now you know what you need to do to be like Barbie. Someone for this will need to change quite a bit, but someone will have to work hard. In any case, do not be too eager to be like Barbie. Even if she is very beautiful, but still a doll, and you are alive, interesting, real.