How to bargain?

Most people think that only petty, greedy, or greedy individuals are traded. Such beliefs are erroneous, as bargaining is a good chance to save money without making any effort.

Let's look at how to bargain properly to get the desired result. There are some unspoken rules that will help you become a master in this matter.

Rules of good bargaining

  • Do not let the seller understand that you really really liked some thing. Be sure, in this case, it will wind the price several times higher. Try to show all your indifference.
  • Disaccustomed buying everything from the summer in the first store. Spend a little time to ask the price in other places.
  • After you find out the cost, discard it by 30-40%, or even by half. Communicate with the seller calmly and confidently, if he was nervous, the trump card in your hands.
  • If the final price does not suit you, tell the seller that you will go shopping for more profitable options. It is possible that he will stop you and lower the price even more.
  • When bargaining, show respect for the seller, a kind and educated person to give up is always more pleasant.
  • First bargain about the price, and then try on the thing. You can’t do the opposite.
  • Keep your conversation confidential. Discount is done individually.
  • The word seller must be the last. He must feel that dominates the situation.
  • Do not be shy and do not hold your breath when talking.
  • Never settle for the very first sentence.

How to get a discount?

Get into the habit of bargaining anytime, anywhere. You already know how to bargain in the market, but this can be done in any store, even in a cool boutique or in a car showroom. Try during the communication to gain confidence from the seller, it will increase your chances for a successful transaction.

  • If you are going to go to a large store, grab the price lists of competing enterprises (you can download them from the Internet), you can adjust the numbers you need.
  • Advance should be prepared for a difficult conversation. It may happen that you will not meet. In this case, it is better to go to another store and buy the right thing, even if the price is the same or higher.
  • When buying a thing, try to find at least a small defect. It can be a barely noticeable scratch, a sticking thread, a drop of glue. Demand for this discount.
  • Many sellers have no right to make a discount, so try to communicate with the administrator or with the owner.
  • Do you often contact the same seller? Ask for a discount! No seller will want to lose a regular customer.
  • If the seller is silent, wait patiently. He is considering a profitable decision for you and for himself.
  • Until the very end you should not relax. The seller is in power to change your deal at the very last moment. If conditions change for the worse, leave immediately.
  • Never bargain just like that.
  • If the seller did not go to your persuasion, leave. But do it slowly, maybe you will be stopped and agreed to your conditions.
  • Hooray! You won a long-awaited discount! Do not rush to leave. Agree on the next bargain, while the seller is "still warm".

If you understand these rules and tips, you know how to bargain. We wish you good shopping and great discounts!