How to arrange a wedding in lavender color? (10 pictures)

Making a wedding is a very important part of planning such an event. And of particular importance is the choice of colors. If you choose a romantic and delicate lavender color, then find out how to use it correctly.

Deciding on a style

The first thing to do is to decide on the style, the interior of the room and the main characters of the event decorated in one direction will help to achieve complete harmony and create a special atmosphere.

The most successful decision will be a wedding in the style of Provence. This direction involves the use of gentle and soft shades, including lavender. And since this color is very romantic, gentle and sensual, the style will be more than appropriate, because it has all the listed characteristics. Everything in it is imbued with romanticism, lightness, sensuality and airiness. This direction is the best for wedding decoration.

Choose outfits

So, to begin with the dress of the bride. It should be light, flowing, tender and romantic. No lush hem, rhinestone, plunging neckline and frilly details. It is best to opt for a fitted dress with a long hem, perhaps with a small train.

Silk, flax, chiffon or organza are considered ideal materials. Guipure can also be used, but not transparent. As for color, the best are such as milk, white and champagne. You can shade it with a lavender belt, a bow or a flower.

The veil should not be too fanciful and catchy. It is advisable to choose a model of medium length from the lace. And you can do without veils. In this case, pearl hairpins or flowers can be used to decorate hair styles. Also appropriate would be a beautiful satin ribbon.

The dress of the groom should also correspond to the chosen direction. Suit a classic suit consisting of trousers and a jacket. As for the color, it is best to choose light gray, white or beige. But also in the image may be present and lavender. So, you can choose a bow tie, tie or shirt of this color.

In order to achieve maximum harmony, it is worth taking a responsible attitude to the choice of bridesmaids' dresses. It would be great if they put on lavender dresses. But they certainly must be feminine, romantic and gentle, but not vulgar or too catchy.

You can also ask to choose thematic outfits and friends of the groom. They can wear simple classic pants with suspenders, lilac shirts and white or beige butterflies or ties. Jackets are optional, their absence will allow the groom to stand out from their friends.


You can use a variety of accessories, made in lavender color. These can be boutonniere, cufflinks of the groom, ornaments of the bride, pads for rings and so on. Best of all, such details will look on a beige or white background.

Selection of a bouquet

The best option would be a lavender bouquet. It looks simple and concise, so you can revive it a bit with white or beige ribbons. In addition, the lavender can be supplemented with other wildflowers of white, beige or light yellow. Instead of lavender, you can use violets or lilac.Greens are best not to add, it will be superfluous.

Where to hold a wedding?

If the event is held in the warm season, you can arrange it right in the open air, this will allow you to maximize the airiness and romance of the style. Choose a quiet place, for example, on the shore of a lake or river.

If you are afraid of the rain, then choose a summer cafe with verandas and tables located on the street.


If the wedding falls on a cold season, then choose a cafe or restaurant, the interior of which is made in a similar style and in light colors.


Performing the design of the lavender wedding, it is worth paying special attention to the interior of the place where the event will be held. The main points are:

  • Furniture. The best option is a light wicker furniture. If this option is not available, then you can choose wooden upholstered chairs and tables made of light wood or covered with white paint.
  • The walls, ceiling and floor should be light, for example, milky, beige or white. The floor may be covered with parquet or laminate. The walls can be painted or trimmed with wallpaper that mimics textiles or silk-screen printing. The ideal ceiling finish is whitewashing or painting.Simple surfaces are welcomed, complex textures will distract attention and negate the whole romanticism of the style.
  • Lighting. It plays an important role, since it is in bright light that lavender looks especially tender. If you decide to arrange a holiday in the open air, then you are very lucky if the day is sunny and clear. If the event is held indoors, then make sure that all the lamps and chandeliers work and are included.
  • Textile. You can use lavender curtains and tablecloths, they will look very harmoniously on the light background of walls, floor, ceiling and furniture.

If you can not decide on the interior, look at photos in design magazines.

Table setting

You can choose white or beige plain tablecloths. It is desirable to use plates with a border or patterns (for example, flowers) lavender color. Glasses can be crystal. Also in this case, you can use lavender napkins. And the glasses of the bride and groom can be decorated with ribbons.

Another option is to use lavender tablecloths. But at the same time all devices and other elements of the table should be either white or beige.


The following decor elements will be relevant and relevant:

  • Satin ribbons of lavender, beige, milky and white colors.
  • Ribbons from tulle will also look interesting, romantic and gentle.
  • Flowers. It can be lavender, violets, lilacs, cornflowers, pansies, peonies, and also other kinds of white or beige color, for example, lilies, chrysanthemums, the same peonies and so on.


If you want the wedding to be perfect, then the transport must also correspond to the chosen theme. It is best to rent antique cars in white or beige. If this is not possible, then select any white cars.

Let the wedding be remembered and give the most pleasant emotions!

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