How to align the complexion in Photoshop

AlignColourfaces, that is, remove spots, redness, wrinkles. Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool. If you cannot find it on the panel, simply press the hot key J.
Zoom in to the maximum image to yourself, increasing the scale to 600%.
Now paint the specks on the face with a virtual brush, pre-setting the desired diameter. We do it accurately and accurately.
Now we work with the top layer, select the eraser Eraser Tool (press the E key), set the transparency of the eraser to about 65 percent and erase what we don’t like to
For naturalness, add some noise.
Next we work withColouromfaces: add a new layer and choose the Eyedropper ToolColouradjust it on the palette.
Now carefully paint over the face (do not forget to set the desired layer transparency).