How to add a tab?

The process of being on the Internet in most cases comes down to using a special program called the browser. The browser, a program that uses in its work the basic protocol of the Internet HTTP, allows the user to browse the Internet, work with mail, download files, communicate on social networks.

For convenient organization of work, as well as simultaneous viewing of several pages in the browser, the developers took care of creating tabs. Tabs allow, without opening another instance of the application, is located simultaneously on different sites. In fact, the tab is another window, just open inside the program.

There are many browsers from the creators of various companies, the latest versions of which are provided with such additions in the work as tabs. We will consider the question: how to add a tab in the following well-known browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Google chrome

We begin our review by considering the operation of adding a tab in a browser from an Internet giant like Google.In Chrome, creating a new tab will not create difficulties even for a novice user, everything is intuitive.

In the Google Chrome browser window that opens, the program automatically creates a new tab, the name of which contains the name of the open page. In our case, this is Google. Near the cross of the program closing there is a small button that resembles a smaller version of the tab. Click on this copy of the tab - it will create a new one.

A couple more options like in Chrome add tab:

  • Open the program menu, and select the first item New Tab;
  • Press CTRL + T.

How to add a new tab in Chrome

Mozilla firefox

We continue to get acquainted with the creation of new tabs in browsers. The next step is to review the free and dynamically developing browser Mozilla Firefox. The process of creating a tab in this browser is very similar to how to add a tab in Google, which is described above. In the open browser window under the address bar, there is a tab bar. To add a new one, click on the �+� tab next to the open tab.

Or, the following options are available for creating a new tab in Mozille:

  • File menu item - New tab;
  • Press CTRL + T.

How to add a new tab in Mozilla Firefox


Let's follow the process of how to create a new tab in the popular Opera program. Opera's browser has great capabilities, and of course support for working with many tabs. To create a new tab, you need to click on the depicted "+", next to the existing tab.

The following options for creating a new tab in Opera:

  • Click the main button with the �Opera� logo, then go through the points: Tabs and windows - Create a tab;
  • Press CTRL + T.

How to add a new tab in Opera


Finally, we�ll recall Apple and its brainchild, Safari, compatible with the Windows operating system. Safari browser was originally designed for MacBook users under Mac OS. In this example, the version running under Windows OS is taken.

To add a new tab to the tab bar, click on the menu image of the current page, and then select the first item New Tab. Or already known combination of hot keys CTRL + T.

How to add a new tab in Safari