How to add a lot of friends in contact?

Leonid Veselov
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How to add a lot of friends in contact?

There are five main ways to add a lot of friends in a contact. Let's take a look at these methods in turn, so you can choose which one is best.

  1. You can use groups that are specifically designed to add friends. Often they also provide the exchange of likes (hearts) for records and photos. By entering such a group, write in the appropriate topic or on the group wall, and add a few people who recently logged on to the network. Using several such groups, you can add tens and hundreds of friends.
  2. If you already have enough friends (from 50 to 100 and above), actively use the service �Possible Friends�. To do this, go to the list of friends and select the category of possible friends on the right in the list. You will see a descending list of people with whom you have the most common friends. Go through this list and add either everyone or selectively those who are interested in you.
  3. Use PR-applications (such as �Let's be friends�). The use of these proposals is focused on the recruitment of people into groups and on the addition of friends. Use the features of the application and add people who are interested in expanding the list of friends, just like you.
  4. Go through the groups that you are interested in and the pages of your friends, add from there at random everyone who seems interesting to you. So it is most likely that you will add people with whom you will talk about something. This option is relevant for those cases when you add friends for the sake of communication.
  5. If you often play in Vkontakte applications, go to groups dedicated to the most popular applications. Links to groups are usually located on the screen of the game or application. In each such group there are topics dedicated to adding to friends, you will unmistakably find them, they are the most popular. Write in the topic �Add to friends� and add those you wish. So you will not only expand the list of friends in the social network, but also get benefits in the game or in the application.

Choose the one of the suggested methods that seems most relevant and convenient for you.You can combine these methods and add dozens of friends every hour. Now you know how to add a lot of friends in a contact.