How to activate AutoCad?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
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How to activate AutoCad?

If you decide to activate the AutoCad program yourself, you should understand that the process is quite laborious and complicated. And in a good way they should deal with the system administrator. However, if you decided to try to activate AutoCad yourself, then go ahead! And we will show you several ways.

Activation from the official site

So, how to activate AutoCad yourself? If you want to run AutoCad 2011 NLM, then you need to go to where you can fill in all the fields of the form. Select the Network option in the Installation type field, and then specify the type of servers that will be used. If you can not decide for yourself which option is better to choose - consult your system administrator. Next, in order to activate the program, enter all the necessary data: You will find the Serial Number on the box from AutoCad, and the Host ID and Host name can be found in the System Settings tab, which, in turn, is displayed in the Network License Manager. Fill in all these fields and the program will be activated.

Activation of the demo version

How to enter the activation code AutoCad? If you installed the demo version of the program 2012, then indicate the following serial number: 667-98989898, 666-69696969 or 400-45454545. Enter 001D1 in the "product key" field. After that you can complete the installation and restart the program. Selecting the option "Activate", you will receive a message that you have entered the serial number incorrectly.

Now close the message and press "Activate" again. Select "I have a serial number from Autodesk", after which you will be given the opportunity to choose either the 64 or 32-bit version. Choose the option you want and click Mem Patch. Copy the appeared information to the key generator, then click �generate�. That's it, you have an AutoCad activation code, which you will only have to copy into the activation window and select "Next." Now you can safely use the activated version.

Now you know how to activate AutoCad. Use these tips, install AutoCad and use it for your own purposes!