How to accept gifts?

Vera Shiryaeva
Vera Shiryaeva
October 28, 2014
How to accept gifts?

Practically each of us likes to accept special signs of attention, which can be expressed in any material equivalent. Gifts make us happier, help to raise our spirits, make us think about good things and know that someone remembers us. But not all think about the fact that there are strict rules of etiquette, which dictate certain requirements both to the process of donation, and to the process of receiving things.

We accept gifts for etiquette

The process of getting a presentation is clearly spelled out etiquette. How to accept gifts from relatives, friends, acquaintances? With great dignity! And further according to the scheme:

  1. Thank guest, looking into his eyes.
  2. If the gift is given by someone personally in your hands, do not put the gift aside (it is impolite), immediately expand and look at what you have been given.
  3. Be sure to examine a surprise, express with words or emotions in a very restrained form your satisfaction. A sweet smile and a slight nod of the head will suffice.But to utter phrases like “You shouldn't have worried!”, “Oh, I just wanted to buy such a thing!” - not worth it.
  4. When receiving gifts, behave calmly, try to thank all those who give them the same thanks.
  5. Always thank those guests who came without gifts for the visit. Remember that you can not offend the guests, you can not point them to their mistakes.
  6. Never compare gifts, do not pick out from the total mass of what you particularly like or dislike.
  7. For gifts sent by mail or through third parties, it is also necessary to thank, but this must be done on the day of the presentation of the gift.

If you manage to observe all the details of etiquette, the celebration will be held at the height, and no one will leave your holiday offended.

Give gifts correctly

Gifts should also be made with great soul and with skill. When choosing a presentation, it is important to consider everything: the age of the person to whom he will be addressed, his social status, taste preferences and hobbies. When handing your surprise, you cannot tell how difficult it was to make a choice in favor of one or another object, to hint at how much it cost you to make something pleasant.You can not give presents and say something instructive, instructive, demonstrating a scornful attitude towards a person, you should not ask your opponent whether he liked the surprise or not. Articles How to give gifts and How to make gifts will help you cope with this business.

And one more important point, how to pack a gift, how to arrange it, demonstrating the presence of taste? The packaging must correspond to two points: its cost must be commensurate with the value of the gift (it is not worth wrapping an expensive jewelry in a newspaper), and you must also consider the reason for the gift.