How do people eat?

We are all accustomed to our national cuisine. The dishes that we cook on our table appear quite often. Sometimes you really want to diversify your diet and many housewives think about how people in other countries eat, and most importantly - what do they eat? Let's find out.

How do the British eat

The cuisine of England is a whole world, with its rituals and traditions. They are respected every day.

  • Breakfast. Ever since ancient times, the British begin their morning with breakfast, which necessarily includes cornflakes in milk or bacon and eggs. Be sure to drink tea or coffee with toast and jam. They call it “full English breakfast”. Of course, there are those British who limit themselves for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea with the same toast. This breakfast is called continental. But, that in the first version of breakfast, that in the second, jam is obligatory. The same morning begins with marmalade.
  • Lunch. At 13:30 the second breakfast is served (lunch). On weekdays, lunch consists of soup, salad and sandwich. And on weekends, the first and second breakfasts are combined (brunch). Brunch consists most often of two courses.
  • Dinner.We call it dinner, and in England it’s considered lunch. At lunchtime (at 19:00) the most dense meal of the day is served here. It always includes meat, because the British love it very much.

African diet

In the course of some studies, it was found that the nutrition of the inhabitants of the black continent is more balanced and useful than the European. Their diet is very close to nature, so it maintains an optimal balance in the body. Africans eat vegetables, grains, legumes and millet. In Africa, meat is practically not consumed, as well as animal fats and sugar.

How people eat in Japan

To not eat Japanese, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner, among other products, they eat rice. To make their table varied, they serve a large number of different dishes and snacks at the same time, even if it is an ordinary meal. Each dish and snack is served in small quantities, and the volume of rice does not change.

What to eat in Germany

Almost all Germans love meat. Studies have shown that each of them eats for the life of 1094 animals. But they eat potatoes in much smaller quantities than in Russia. Also in Germany are very fond of bakery products. The bakeries are there at every turn.

What rich people eat

Rich gourmets of various nationalities give their preference to such products:

  • Saffron is a spice made from the dried flowers of the plant of the Iris family.
  • Beluga-albino caviar, which cannot be compared to taste and value with red and even black caviar.
  • Potato La bonnotte. The price of 1 kg - 500 euros. It grows only on the island of France Noirmoutier and due to its useful properties it can be equated to seafood.
  • White truffles are the most expensive mushrooms in the world.

Naturally, rich people, like everyone, eat a variety of foods, so do not think that they eat only those foods that are listed.


Cutlery is almost the same in different countries. These include:

  • Table-knife.
  • Fish fork and knife for eating fish dishes.
  • Dessert fork and knife for sweet cakes, pies, pastries, peeled melon, watermelon, etc.
  • Tablespoon for soups.
  • Dessert spoon for sweet dishes.
  • Teaspoon for hot drinks.
  • Coffee spoon for black coffee.

What eat Japanese food

It seems to many of us. That the Japanese do not eat anything but sushi.This may seem strange, but some of them do not even know how to do it correctly. The fact is that sushi in Japan is a festive, not a daily meal.

Similarly, we, people who do not eat Japanese dishes, even though they know that this is done with special chopsticks, doesn’t know exactly how to keep them. Most importantly, remember - the knife and fork are designed exclusively for European cuisine. Although, some Japanese dishes suggest the use of a spoon. These are rice kari and donburi. Also, a Chinese ceramic spoon is used for soup. Sushi is eaten with both chopsticks and hands.

You and I made a little trip around the world. We wish you to have the opportunity to taste delicious dishes of cuisines of various nationalities, and especially those products that are so appreciated by rich gourmets.