How often wash your hair?

Do your hair bother you? Are they dry and brittle or fat and heavy? With the help of proper hair care you can bring them into a beautiful and decent look. So how often do you wash your hair?

Experts recommend washing your hair as it is contaminated, that is, when the first signs of contamination appear (greasiness, itching of the skin). How fast is the head getting dirty? It depends on many factors, but mainly on the type of your hair:

  • Normal and healthy hair shine in the sun, easy to comb, they are durable and do not split. If you have such hair, they look fresh for 2-3 days, wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Hair prone to greasiness has a dull shine, stick together, appear greasy within a few hours after washing. If you have such hair, then you need to wash your hair much more often than in the first case, usually daily and even several times a day. Be sure to use special masks - treat hair.
  • Dry hair is very confused, hard to comb, they are dull and brittle, strongly split.Usually hair becomes such after frequent dyeing or perm. If you have such hair, then your head looks clean during the week, it is necessary to wash it 1-2 times a week, while it is necessary to engage in treatment and strengthening of the hair.
  • Mixed hair type. Usually this hair is greasy on the roots, but dry on the tips. Since they often have to be washed, the tips begin to split strongly.

Tips: how to wash your hair

  1. Before shampooing hair must be carefully combed.
  2. Use care products only for your hair type.
  3. It is necessary to wash the head with warm water, in no case with boiling water, and it is better to wash off the balm or mask with cool water.
  4. Shampoo should be poured into the palm, it is desirable to slightly dilute it with water and only then apply to the hair.
  5. When washing your head, massage the scalp with fingertips, not with your nails, so you do not damage it. Thanks to the massage movements, the blood flow to the hair follicles will increase, the hair will receive more nutrients, and the oil and dirt will be better removed.
  6. If applying shampoo is not enough, wash your head again.
  7. When washing with shampoo (or other means for washing), pay great attention to the hair roots and scalp, especially the areas of the forehead and temples. They are the most polluted, and the ends of the hair will be washed out while washing the detergent. The balm, on the contrary, is more abundantly applied to the ends of the hair, so that they receive enough moisture, and the roots do not need to be applied at all, so they will stay fresh longer. It is especially important to follow this advice if you have oily or mixed hair type.
  8. Rinse the shampoo very thoroughly, the balm, on the contrary, can not be completely washed off.
  9. Use conditioners, balms and masks suitable for your hair type. The conditioner promotes easy combing and makes the hair more docile, balms and masks improve the structure of the hair, so do not use the balm and mask at the same time.
  10. Do not rub your hair, just blot them with a towel.
  11. Dry hair better naturally.

When you think about the question of how often you can wash your hair, remember: the more often you wash it, the more active the sebaceous glands will work and the faster your hair will get dirty.And at the same time, if you often dry your hair with a hair dryer and do styling, this can lead to overdrying of the hair. It is better not to accustom the head to very frequent washing.

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Now you know how often you need to wash your hair. Do not pay attention to different opinions about daily washing of the head. If your hair needs it, then wash, using a suitable agent for frequent use.