How not to quarrel?

Today, life dictates such conditions to us that it is becoming more and more difficult to remain balanced in emotional terms. Constant stresses sometimes make us behave inadequate - to argue and conflict with people whom we love very much. However, I really want to live in harmony with them and the world around us, so we will try to reflect on how to stop quarreling with friends and family, restrain your emotions and keep calm in your heart.

How not to quarrel with friends

In order not to quarrel with friends is enough

  1. Let them have their point of view on any issues.
  2. Do not infringe upon their dignity with ridiculous comparisons and offensive remarks.
  3. Be able to praise, make a compliment.
  4. Keep quiet when an explosive situation occurs.
  5. Spend time with them and not only when you need something from them.
  6. To be able to put yourself in the place of your friend and understand why he did this (if there is a misconduct on his part).

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How not to quarrel with her husband

If a quarrel with friends is a nuisance, then a quarrel with a loved one is almost a disaster. What are its causes, and how to avoid it?

Events from the past

Often the cause of the quarrels are the events of the past spouses. Starting with the banal situation in the present, they switch to the past. From this problem is not only not solved, but even more aggravated and takes a more serious scale.

Conclusion - to live in the present and think about the future, do not remember the past. At least its negative moments. Let them stay there, otherwise your relationship will go to the past.

The problem is not a loved one

Psychologists say that the idea that anything is the reason, just not your beloved person, helps stop the quarrel. These can be habits, his and yours, the environment in which you both grew and formed, the circumstances in which you find yourself at the moment. Think about the fact that both of you are good and loving each other people, just at the moment you find it difficult to agree, this is the whole reason.

Try to talk to each other calmly, putting aside emotions and not trying to hurt each other.To do this, put yourself in the place of your interlocutor and talk to him the way you want to talk to you. Your goal is not to win, but to come to a compromise that will suit both. If this option at the moment seems unacceptable, it is worth postponing the conversation for a while.

Keep your mind

Another simple but effective advice from psychologists is to take your mind with positive thoughts. When your mental activity is focused on thinking about the next culinary masterpiece, organizing a family holiday or a romantic dinner, then there is no place for gloomy thoughts and negative emotions to take shelter.

Be able to enjoy life and get joy from the success of your partner. Then the reasons for conflict will be much less, and even if they appear, you will be able to pull yourself together and drown out the desire to quarrel at the very beginning.

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Useful tips

So, not to quarrel, you need to follow simple tips.

  1. Learn to listen to each other. Conduct a dialogue, not a monologue. Also, while listening to another, try to hear it, to understand what exactly he wants to tell you.
  2. Be prepared to give in. Do not obstinate, defending your own, by all means.A small victory in a dispute can turn into a great defeat in a relationship.
  3. If emotional excitement rolls over, let yourself cool. It is better to leave, leaving the “battlefield” for a while.
  4. Try to switch to something positive. Humor helps a lot. As practice shows, it is impossible to laugh and swear at the same time. Therefore, use humor as an assistant to get out of difficult situations.