How not to pass the exam?

High school students are very seriously preparing for the exam, because of the results of this exam depends on their chances of entering universities. However, there is a category of persons who will be able to avoid pre-examination excitement, and the problem of choosing what to take on the USE in order to get to the desired university in the chosen department. About who and how you can enter the university without passing the exam and will be discussed further.

How not to pass the exam: legal ways

It should be remembered that everyone will have to pass the mandatory exam in school (Russian language and mathematics). Without this, do not get a high school diploma. Also, we will not deliberately consider unfair ways of not passing the exam, as this will automatically classify the applicant as a scam and can bring him a lot of trouble. And there are several legal ways to bypass the state exam (that is, not to pass subject examinations) when entering the university:

  1. Win (or become its prize winner) All-Russian Schoolchildren Olympiad or University Olympiad for applicants. The winner will have a real chance to enter the faculty that corresponds to the profile of the Olympiad without the USE at the municipal university.
  2. Get a gold medal after school.Some universities accept medalists without EGE. Unfortunately, there are very few such educational institutions.
  3. Enrolling in a European university where teaching is in Russian is the easiest option. For admission to a higher education institution in Europe or the United States, it is enough to have a certificate with final grades (and the higher they are, the better, since the average score is estimated). However, immediately after school, not everyone is able to enter a foreign university. In most European countries, schoolchildren are 12–13 years old, so Russian schools are considered to be incomplete. That is, in order to easily enroll in a foreign university, you will need to study for 1-2 years in the domestic one, which means you will have to take the EGE.
  4. To finish before entering the university secondary vocational school. In this case, you can do as a "native" specialization, and to any other faculty. The main thing to remember is that only graduates who receive vocational secondary education (secondary vocational education) are exempted from the USE, but graduates of NGOs (primary vocational education) cannot be avoided by passing a single state examination.
  5. To graduate from a foreign school or university (with a diploma of graduation).Russians who have received education abroad, as well as foreign citizens who want to get higher education in the Russian Federation, are exempt from passing the unified state exam.
  6. Finish one Russian university. When you receive a second higher education passing the exam will not be required.

In addition, citizens with disabilities who do not have USE results at the time of admission are exempt from the exam. Sometimes students who have already entered the university are interested if they have already passed the unified state examination, do they need to take it again, when they switch from one university to another? The answer is no. If university programs are different, then students may be required to pass the difference, that is, exams in those subjects that were not in the previous university, but exams are not in the form of EGE.

What documents are needed for admission to the university without the exam

For admission will require:

  • the application and the questionnaire (forms for them need to be received in receive in the selection committee);
  • diploma of secondary or higher education (you can have a notarized copy);
  • passport;
  • six 6x4 photos;
  • military card (for men);
  • medical certificate in the form 086 (for full-time).

The deadline for submission of documents from June 20 to July 25. The law also defines the deadline for submission for different categories of applicants:

  • for applicants in training areas (specialties), when admitted to which additional entrance tests of creative or professional orientation are conducted - until July 5;
  • for applicants for specialties, for which additional entrance examinations of the core orientation are conducted, as well as those entering higher education institutions based on the results of entrance examinations conducted by the university independently - until July 15.

It should be noted that not to pass the USE when entering a university does not mean that you can go there without any exam at all. In the university itself, you will have to pass entrance examinations, simply not in the form of a single state examination, in another form (oral, written, or in the form of an interview). The list of such tests determines the school itself. Therefore, before entering you should call the admissions office of the selected university and clarify all the details. In addition, how not to pass the exam on admission,You should be informed annually on the official website of the unified state examination and at the university you are going to enroll in, since the law may change.