How much is the rental of commercial space in St. Petersburg?

There are various types of businesses that require certain working conditions, including the selection of specific commercial real estate, depending on the purpose. For one type of activity it is necessary to find an office, for another - to rent a commercial space in St. Petersburg. The areas under the store from the owners are widely represented on the portal.

How to determine the cost?

It is not a secret for anybody that the variation in prices for commercial premises can reach dozens of times. Before choosing, a businessman will have to calculate an approximate rent, which he is prepared to pay monthly without any harm to his main activity.

The price of any retail space depends on the following factors.

  • Location In the center of the city real estate is always more expensive than on the outskirts. More expensive will have to pay for the premises at metro stations and near major transportation hubs.
  • In shopping centers and business centers, rent will be more expensive than in residential complexes. It is connected, as a rule, with the fact that houses are placed in quieter and not passable places. Choosing the location of the future object, the home builder takes care of the silence for the tenants, and not about the profitability of commercial real estate on the first floors.
  • Klassnost. All business centers and residential complexes are divided into mass-market and �premium�. The price policy of the owner directly depends on it. In the understanding of customers, the prestige of a company that occupies square meters in elite buildings will be higher.
  • Area. The more employees in the store, the higher the visitor flow and the wider the range of products, the larger the area required. There are GOSTs and Sanitary regulations, the violation of which is prosecuted by law, regulating the width of aisles, the height and width of shelves, etc. In one building, the cost per square meter will be lower for a larger premise, but due to the large square, the total rental price is higher.

There are two rules for saving:

  1. Choose a lease from the owner without paying commissions and fees to intermediaries.
  2. Pay for the year ahead and ask for a discount.The landlord goes to meet those who pay for several months.

Pay attention to the following points.

  • At whose expense is the repair. Often, with long-term cooperation, the owner of the premises independently performs basic finishing works on the order of the tenant.
  • The ability to change the style of the room, redevelopment. It happens that the owner rents commercial property "as is" without the right to make any changes.
  • Availability of utility areas for employees.
  • Availability of access roads for the delivery of goods, as well as for visitors' vehicles.
  • Parking capacity.

And most importantly, when signing a lease agreement, an entrepreneur must clearly understand what is included in the rental price, and for which he will have to pay "from above" (utilities, cleaning, security).

All trading premises of St. Petersburg are collected in the information database The property. Property from the owners is rented or sold. Convenient search allows you to rank by location, price, area, selecting the most suitable option.