How much does apartment renovation cost?

Sooner or later, but each person thinks about the repair in his apartment. And, of course, I would like to make it as soon as possible so as not to live in constant inconvenience. The duration of the repair depends on your financial capabilities. In this article we will consider how much it costs to repair an apartment, so that you can plan your budget well.

Cost estimates

When self-budgeting is convenient to split all costs into several categories:

  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Plumbing
  • Doors
  • Window
  • Instruments
  • Delivery of materials

For each category you will be charged the cost of materials and work of the brigade. The team of builders basically proceeds from the initial cost of 1000 rubles per 1 m2 of redecoration, however, this price is the initial one, and the final cost is determined by the builders after inspecting the condition of the room, identifying complicating structural elements, such as moldings. The cost of euro-repair is estimated at 5,000 rubles or more per 1 m2.

The next step will be a shopping trip and finding out the cost of the necessary materials. Since, depending on the region and time of year, the cost of building materials varies greatly, we will not dwell on these figures. We can only say that having wondered about how much it costs to repair a one-room apartment, feel free to plan 150 thousand rubles for it when you do the work yourself and another 70-90 thousand rubles when ordering the work to the team of dressers.

Pricing work finishers

Consider the average prices of construction crews for various types of finishing work. This will help you determine the amount you need.

  • Finishing the floor (cleaning, screed, laying parquet and installation of plinths) will cost you 1000-1200 rubles per 1 m2.
  • Wall decoration, which includes cleaning, leveling, putty and wallpaper sticker, is estimated at 400-600 rubles per 1 m2. Laying tiles will cost more: 600-800 rubles per 1 m2.
  • Ceiling finishing from cleaning to painting is estimated at 750-850 rubles per 1 m2.
  • Plumbing work "turnkey" in the bathroom and toilet will cost you 40-60 thousand rubles.
  • Electrical work: the replacement of sockets and switches - 300-400 rubles per unit, the replacement of wiring in the apartment with the installation of the electrical panel will cost 1000-1300 rubles per 1 m2.
  • Installation of doors varies depending on their design and cost ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles per door.
  • Installation of new window sills and replacement of slopes is estimated from 800 to 1000 rubles per meter.
  • Replacing heating radiators will cost you 3000-4000 rubles for 1 piece.

Finding out how much it costs to repair a two-room apartment, we take a typical apartment of 55 m2. At the above rates, it turns out the cost of work in the range of 200-300 thousand rubles.

How to save money

If you have a limited budget, which you can allocate for the repair of an apartment, then there is always a way to save money without compromising quality. Consider a few of these ways:

  • First, you can find a private dresser, they, as a rule, charge much less than repair companies, and the quality of work is not worse.
  • Secondly, redecorating is significantly cheaper than renovation. Consider whether it is important for you to use expensive materials.
  • Thirdly, self-cleaning of ceilings, floors and walls, as well as the dismantling of baseboards, doors and other interior elements will reduce the number of items in the estimate, and hence the final cost of repairs.
  • After thinking about how much it costs to repair a three-room apartment, you will unwillingly want to make it on your own. Well, so you can save a significant amount (repair "treshki" premium class in Moscow will cost 400-500 thousand rubles), spending a lot of time.
  • Wholesale purchase of materials is cheaper than retail. The fact is that in this case you save on shipping, and you can also get a discount from the store.
  • Measure carefully the apartment to accurately calculate the required amount of materials. So you can avoid buying surplus.
  • Many teams give seasonal discounts on their work. Take advantage of this.

So, we considered how much it costs to make an apartment renovation. You also need to be responsible and with a subtle approach to the choice of workers and the materials themselves. Since the quality of the work done depends on it. From which, in turn, depends on your convenience and comfortable living in an apartment.