How long should intercourse last

What is the optimal duration of sexual intercourse?

Sexual intercourse between people is intended by nature to extend the human race. However, the intimate side of life is needed not only for this. According to some medical studies, regular orgasmic discharge prolongs youth, strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of hormonal glands. Sexual satisfaction has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, protecting it from stress and giving confidence.
How much time is needed for both participants of sexual intercourse to be satisfied? The answer to this question cannot be unambiguous, since here everything depends on the temperament, physiological characteristics and the desire of partners to devote time to each other. For example, too fast sex can occur due to premature ejaculation in a man, and a woman who has not had time to get an orgasm remains dissatisfied.And it happens that too prolonged sexual intercourse begins to irritate the partner because of elementary fatigue.Watching emotional films on the eve of sex is not recommended because they reduce desire. It is better to include calm relaxing music.

What do scientists say?

"Advanced" in all matters, Americans did not remain indifferent to the topic, how much time is needed for sexual intercourse. According to scientists at Penn University, intercourse lasting less than 2 minutes is too short, and intercourse lasting more than 10 minutes is too long.
Is there a happy medium? The same Americans, but only already survey participants, recognized as the best option when sexual intercourse has a duration of 7 to 13 minutes. During this time, healthy sexual partners have time to enjoy each other and get a full orgasm. If the couple has enough time, then after a 20- or 30-minute rest, love can be continued.

How to achieve harmony in intimate life?

An ideal pair will be in the event that the solution of all issues ends taking into account the interests of both parties.If the partners do not adapt to each other, they will not reach an understanding. Surely in the life of each couple there was a situation when the husband is ready to break all records of making love on a day off, and his wife barely gets to bed in the evening because she has already done a lot of work, and tomorrow she will have to get up early for work.Monotony in intimate life separated more than one pair. To avoid this, small pleasant experiments should be carried out. Meeting her husband from work in amazing lingerie - why not immediately indulge in love joys?
In order to avoid such situations, it will be good if the household responsibilities are distributed equally between the spouses, and not assigned only to the wife. Taking a part of the affairs on himself, the husband will give his wife some time to rest. And then she will be happy to devote as much time as possible to her half, just not to be taken as a sign of gratitude. Such "fasting" days contribute to the rapprochement of the couple in all spheres of family life.