How jasmine blooms

Jasmine - a demanding plant that blooms from 4-5 years of age. In order for the shrub to please its owner with abundant flowering, it is necessary to follow a number of rules related to regular cutting of the plant, compliance with watering and lighting modes, the owner must provide jasmine with soil that does not contain lime and regular feeding.


The most popular in our country is the so-called garden jasmine, an ornamental shrub that begins to bloom in the summer. Due to the abundant coverage of white large flowers, which sometimes hide the foliage, jasmine creates a complete feeling of fresh snowfall that fell on the ground in late May, June or July, it is during this period that the jasmine blooms, depending on the variety selected. With the right selection of varieties of jasmine is able for many months to decorate the garden with its magnificent flowering.
It is known that garden jasmine is very shade-tolerant; however, planting plants in more illuminated areas is recommended to obtain abundant flowering.The flowers themselves are elegant and varied, they are both simple and double with wide or narrow petals, reaching a diameter of 3 to 5 centimeters.
Flowers can be single or gathered in a brush. The color of garden jasmine also has a very diverse palette, there are both monochromatic and two-color varieties, some representatives of garden jasmine have a bright and rich aroma, but there are also species that do not have any persistent odor.


In indoor floriculture, jasmine sambac, or “Indian jasmine,” is the most popular, some varieties of which, under particularly favorable conditions, can bloom year-round.
The most common varieties are the "Grand Duke of Tuscany" - the largest representative of the species, with large flowers resembling roses. "Arabian Knight" blooms from early March to October, and "Beauty of India" pleases with flowers all year round. The Orleans Maiden is also popular, the distinctive feature of which is the fragility of flowers that are kept on the plant for exactly 24 hours, after which the old flowers fall down and the new growth comes to replace them.