How is the exam in the traffic police?

For many people, an exam is a stress, and an exam at a traffic police is a double stress, since the practical and theoretical parts of an exam most often have to be taken on the same day. It depends on the results of this exam, will get an exam driver's license or not. The article talks about how the traffic police exam passes.

Required documents

To pass the exam you need to prepare:

  • application (if a citizen takes exams outside the study group);
  • documents testifying to the course of training (issued in an educational institution);
  • copies of diplomas (if the examiner took place in the university driver's business);
  • 2 photographs 3,5 X 4,5;
  • passport;
  • medical certificate (form 083 or y-89);
  • receipts for payment of state duty;
  • driver's license (if any).

Exam at the traffic police

Exam in the traffic police is divided into two parts:

  • practical
  • theoretical

Theoretical exam

Before passing the theoretical exam in the traffic police it is necessary to learn the traffic rules (rules of the road). The article - How to learn traffic rules describes the recommendations that will help you quickly learn the rules of the road. Next you need to come to the traffic police and register for the exam.To do this, all the prepared documents must be passed to the inspector, who will put you in the database. After all the examinees have submitted documents, they will be invited to the audience for the exam. The exam takes 20 minutes. Each exam ticket has 20 questions. For the successful passing of the exam is allowed to make no more than two mistakes.

It is worth noting that there are only two assessments “passed” and “not passed”, the second is received by the test subject, who has made many mistakes. He is sent to retake the exam, and he is not allowed to take the practical part.

Delivery of the practical part

The practical part consists of a ride on the circuit and a drive through the city. In any case, the traffic police inspector is in the car along with the examinee, who will monitor his actions. It depends on the inspector whether the student will pass the exam or not. But all actions can be recorded on the camera, so his decision can be challenged. In this case, the practical skills of the examinee are tested, for example, the correct use of mirrors, the correctness of rebuilding or overtaking, or the corresponding reaction to signals given by other participants in the movement.

It is also necessary to complete the movement at the direction of the inspector. After that, the inspector will give an assessment to the examinee (“passed” or “did not pass”). Thus passes the driving test.

For more information about the practical part of the exam in the traffic police read the article - How to pass the city in the traffic police.

Passing exams in driving school

The driving school exam passes in the same way as in the traffic police. Students in the same way pass the theoretical and practical parts of the exam, which is a kind of training, but if the student does not pass the exam in a driving school, he will not be allowed to pass the exam in the traffic police.