Than a strong person differs from a weak person

How is a strong person different from a weak person? This is not about physical strength and endurance. Almost everyone can cultivate these qualities with the proper degree of perseverance. To become a strong person in terms of psychological is much more difficult. And is it possible?

Strong man: what is he like?

A strong person is one that many people want to be in life. It is believed that such a person a priori can get settled and achieve the desired. How he does this is not so important, the result is in priority. At the same time, a strong personality is described as cruel and rude, unshakable in judgments. And in the soul a strong person can be a fluffy kitten. Not everyone knows him closely, judged by the external manifestations of fortitude.

How is a strong person different from a weak person?

But what about the psychology of a strong person? It is characterized by the following:

  1. A strong man does not accept excuses. He is not ready to listen to someone who explains why he cannot change something in life, to achieve a dream. After all, such a person spends time whining, which he could use to achieve the desired. It is more productive not to talk, but to do, and a strong person knows about it.
  2. A strong man is careful with the people he lets into his life. He does not rely on others and he knows what he is worth. In order to be a harmonious person, do not need a friend, girlfriend or boss. To become better and to feel confident, it is enough to be yourself. But a strong man does not close, beingware of social contacts. He is selective in them.
  3. A strong man does not like to make small talk. He does not deny etiquette and communication, no. He appreciates his time. Spending it on meaningless rassharkivaniya, it is difficult to achieve something worthwhile.
  4. A strong man does not tolerate ignorance and outright idiocy. Having a lot of intellectual resources, he manages them wisely, without engaging in useless squabbles with an interlocutor who is only trying to seem knowledgeable in a particular area. The result in such a dispute is not achieved.
  5. A strong man can listen. Here it is not only that each of us wants to be heard. A strong personality is selective, and it gives a chance to speak, but listens only to worthwhile thoughts and suggestions.How is a strong person different from a weak person?
  6. A strong person is not looking for attention. He does nothing to be in the thick of people and events.His inner core attracts others. People listen to him, they equal him and ask for his opinions.
  7. A strong man is fearless. Okay, that's not true. Everyone is afraid of something, even the strongest and inflexible people. The difference between a strong and a weak person is only that the latter lets in fear into all aspects of life, and this feeling dictates its own rules in it.
  8. A strong person understands that he is not perfect. When a person does not see the path to development and improvement, it is a dead end. A strong person uses every opportunity to become better.

It may seem that with a strong personality is not easy to be, live or work together. In fact, such a person is an example for others. Looking at him, one can understand that it is imperative to move in the direction of a dream and achieve a result. You can learn a lot from a strong person. The main thing is to understand this and be able to see the benefits of other people.

How is a strong person different from a weak person?

Portrait of a weak person

A weak person is the same strong, but with a minus sign. That is, he is the opposite. Yes and no. There are signs by which a weak psychologically person can be easily identified in his environment.To do this, analyze the behavior of friends. Or maybe something from this list about you?

  • A weak person complains more and more often than other people. Life is like a roller coaster, with both ups and downs. But even at the top, a weak person complains about his existence, finding a reason for this. And instead of trying to get out of a difficult situation and solve problems, he talks about the difficulties of others, regardless of their opinion and desire to listen or lack thereof. This pushes people away from a weak person and brings another reason for complaints.
  • A weak person does not want to leave the comfort zone. He is afraid of life changes, even if they promise only the best. Vegetated by routine, he builds life. He thinks he is safer, he feels protected, even if in fact it is not.
  • A weak person does not take into account someone else's opinion. Yes, you need to live your life the way you want. But to be able to find a reasonable grain in the opinions and statements of other people is very important. To a certain extent, listening to others is worth it. This gives impetus to the development and improvement of the self.
  • A weak man surrenders without a fight. This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a psychologically weak personality. This is expressed not only in the inability to bring what has been started to the end, but also in the absence of perseverance. A strong person forgets that success does not come to someone who did nothing to achieve a result.
  • A weak person envies other people. He does not achieve the desired himself and frankly envies those who succeeded. But each person has his own recipe for success, the circumstances of his achievement are not the same. Instead of biting your nails with envy, you should look for your own way.
  • A weak person is angry. Of course, no one can live without manifestations of anger. But what is the object to which this anger is directed? If this is anger at herself for her inability to achieve something, she is more likely to direct you to the right path to self-improvement. But if it is anger at the circumstances of other people who have succeeded, where will it lead? Absolutely never get angry impossible. But unjustified destructive feelings break a person from the inside.

How is a strong person different from a weak person?

  • A weak person is prone to dramatize.He talks about how hard it is for him to cope with life's turmoil, characterizes his life in a negative way. They are said to be such people that they are pessimists, because they cannot see the light ahead either. But negative mental projections are superimposed on life, leave an imprint on the present and the future of man, and this does not go away.

Understanding the difference between a strong person and a weak person is possible without resorting to in-depth analysis of the personality. There is an everyday, everyday understanding of "strength" and "weakness." But at the same time it may differ from different people, and the definition of a category occurs on an intuitive level.

How to become a weak person stronger

There are no hopeless people. If you want to become stronger, everyone can. Get rid of their shortcomings should be gradually. For this, be guided by the advice of psychologists.

  1. Play sports. The key to the strength of the spirit is in the strength of the body. Make a rule: go to the gym in any weather, regardless of laziness. Exercise endurance and willpower will serve and morning jogging. Develop a habit of healthy living and it will make you stronger.
  2. Set goals for yourself. The goal is a clearly articulated dream.But this is not enough. To achieve the goal you need to go.
  3. Say what you think. Expressing your opinion, do not be afraid to defend him. This is one of the skills of a strong person.
  4. Do not be afraid of failures. Remember the roller coaster: the fall is followed by a rapid rise. Failure is also an experience, albeit a negative one. Avoiding it, you will not learn to overcome obstacles.
  5. Do not blame others for your own failures. If something does not work out, it is not the circumstances or other people who are to blame. Learn to be responsible for actions, analyze thoughts, feelings and intentions.
  6. Love yourself. Low self-esteem does not help achieve the desired. It will be necessary to get rid of the negative gradually, but this is achievable.How is a strong person different from a weak person?
  7. Find a deal to your liking. It can be connected with your main life purpose, and can become a hobby that helps you to relax after a hard day’s work. Surrendering to your favorite business, immerse yourself in it with your head, and this will help to achieve results in the chosen field.
  8. Read books. How does what we call “common development” happen? Plunging into a made-up story, the reader projects it onto himself. The action algorithm is postponed at a subconscious level, so in a situation close to the one in which the literary hero was located, you will know what to do.
  9. Fantasize.Dream, lose situations “and what if? ..” and do not bury your own creative abilities. And even to ordinary business come with a share of fantasy. So it will be easier to cope with them, and the world will open to you with new interesting facets.
  10. Release the negative. No, do not wear rose-colored glasses. But the world is not a minefield. There is a place for good people and good intentions.
  11. Say no. Do not force yourself and do not do anything to the detriment of your own interests. The fulfillment of the desires and whims of outsiders will not lead you to success.
  12. Get rid of unnecessary people. Release them from your life and surround yourself with those individuals with whom you are interested, who have something to learn.
  13. Help others. You can become a volunteer or simply feed a stray kitten. Such actions change the personality, make it stronger and kinder.

Remember that there are no exceptionally strong or weak people. We are all strong in our own way, but sometimes we need support and understanding. Therefore, a strong man is not alone. He helps loved ones and is not afraid to ask for reciprocity if he needs it.