How easy it is to make Philadelphia cheese at home

For the preparation of homemade cheese "Philadelphia" will require the following products:

- 1 liter whole milk

- 500 ml of kefir

- one egg

- about 1 teaspoon salt

- some citric acid (about 2-4 grams)

Cooking cheese "Philadelphia":

1. Put the milk on the stove, add salt, stir and wait until it boils.

2. As soon as the milk boils, you need to pour kefir into the pan and mix it quickly.

3. When the mass is curtailed and becomes curd (this happens almost immediately), you need to fold it on a sieve, colander or gauze.

4. After all the excess liquid has been drained, add an egg beaten with citric acid to the curd.

5. The whole mass is once again well mixed and whipped so that it becomes airy and homogeneous.

Delicate, natural and delicious cheese "Philadelphia" is ready! You can also add cheese to your taste: add parsley and dill or a little garlic for the spice.This cheese is perfect for breakfast, as well as for snacking at home and at work.