How does alcohol work?

November 4, 2014
How does alcohol work?

Alcohol can cause both pleasant sensations (for example, if you miss a couple of glasses of a high-quality drink) and consequences that are heavy for the body in the event of an oversupply. This article will look at why and how alcohol affects people.

Direct effects of alcohol

After taking a drink at the beginning, we feel a pleasant weakness, warmth, slight dizziness. This is the so-called suction phase. What happens inside our body at this moment? Blood vessels "carry" alcohol to all organs. Erythrocyte membranes are broken - they collapse. The decay products of ethyl alcohol lower the level of glucose in the blood, preventing it from forming again, and destroy nutrients and chemical compounds important for the body.

With the entry of ethyl alcohol into the body, brain cells begin to actively deteriorate. Of course, we don’t feel it - at that moment the person's warmth spreads nicely through the blood, his head is spinning, and so on.

Alcohol prevents the secretion of pancreatic enzymes - as a result, digestive problems begin, the cells of the stomach are affected (especially for strong drinks - vodka, brandy, etc.).

Even the cells of the liver - the most "surviving" organ - die under the influence of alcohol. The blood vessels of the liver constrict, resulting in a sharp jump in blood pressure. Vessels can not withstand the load and burst, and the person - to die from bleeding.

In the organs of the reproductive system and in the brain, alcohol is delayed the longest and, therefore, causes the most harm. Hence, numerous cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, disorders of the organs of the reproductive system. All this, by the way, is transmitted "by inheritance." Drinking people often give birth to children with serious illnesses, including mental ones.

We are unable to observe the processes of the body when alcohol enters it, so we don’t see anything terrible in that we drank a bit, got drunk and relaxed.

Should I give up alcohol?

Despite the destructive effects of ethyl alcohol and the terrible consequences of alcohol consumption, it is not required to completely abandon it.In small doses, alcohol can even be helpful.

For example, red wine strengthens the immune system, supports the proper work of metabolism, helps to fight colds, removes slags from the body.