How do iPhones?

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How do iPhones?

All modern digital devices have a very complex structure. They consist of hundreds of miniature elements that are combined on printed circuit boards and located in high-tech enclosures. Apple is one of the first companies to take care of not only the attractive exterior of the device, but also paid a lot of attention to the interior design of all its gadgets.

First of all, the company owes these innovations to its creator Steve Jobs. It was he who drew the attention of consumers to the fact that modern gadgets are not only powerful computing devices, but also real works of art. For example, in iPhone 4S over 70 screws are used, and double-sided tape, which is very popular with many other brands, only a battery is attached to the case.

How to make the iPhone: from idea to production

Before this smartphone goes into mass production, hundreds of engineers and a separate design team are working on it. First, the iPhone layout is developed and brought to perfection, after which its “filling” is designed, the optimal placement of components inside the case is determined, etc. This is followed by the production of trial versions.The device is available in limited editions and is available to a very narrow circle of users within the company. It installs a new version of the software, which is checked for errors during operation.

It is worth noting that the very first versions of the iPhone were developed by several separate teams. For example, the developers of the interface and the operating system did not know what the device would look like and tested their programs on other devices. At the same time, the hardware designers did not know what the software would look like, since a heavily cropped version of the OS was installed on smartphones, which allowed testing only the operation of all basic functions.

After the design of the device has been worked out with the utmost quality and all defects have been corrected, the smartphone goes into mass production. At FoxConn factories (which are located in China) they make iPhones in 142 stages. Almost all elements are assembled by hand by employees of the enterprise. Some devices from each batch are selected for quality control. They are tested for wear, bending, tolerance of falls, shocks, etc. Next, the smartphones are flashed and the software is tested for correct operation.

When smartphones are assembled and prepared for use, they are packaged in boxes and delivered to Apple branded stores.