How blooms cheflera

Sheflera room - low, it has a “leather” leaves of a very bizarre shape, for which she fell in love with the florist. In an adult plant, as it grows, the trunk becomes bare, and the leaves grow only at the top. Pomp and decoration is achieved by planting several plants in a single flower pot.

Nature's idea

The plant blossoms only in natural tropical conditions with large large flowers of usually maroon-red color. As the bud blooms, the flower turns pale, leaving the monochrome only in the center.
From a distance, the chefler can be mistaken for a huge chamomile, their petals are so similar, but after looking, marvel at how intricately nature arranged the inflorescence. From the core along the petals stretches a mass of thin white stems, which seem to curl at the tips. The pistil itself is smooth, with five to six drop stamens growing from it, which, as a rule, have a pale color. Sometimes it seems that the stamens have more petals, but this is only an optical illusion, because at the tips of each is a big bag with ripening seeds.
The flower of the chefs has almost no legs, it seems to rest on the leaves.
Home flower enchants with the beauty of its leaves, their bizarre shape and color. Sheflera - a hardy and very unpretentious plant it can be grown without much effort, following very simple rules.

Care and breeding

Comfortable temperature for cheflers in the summer to 22 ° C, in the winter - at least 14 ° C. Higher temperatures adversely affect plant growth. Cheflers with green leaves can be placed in a shaded place, and with leaves of variegated color on the window facing south, but, nevertheless, shaded by a light curtain. For all types of plants direct sunlight is contraindicated.
The soil for the plant is prepared from a mixture of turf and leaf land, humus and clean sand. It is allowed to use the purchased soil for palm trees. Sheflera very moisture-loving plant, so the soil should be wet. Additional moistening creates spraying of leaves with water. After spraying, wipe the leaves with a napkin. In winter, watering is done less intense.
Feed the plant during the active growing season every ten days.For fertilizing use both organic complex fertilizers and mineral fertilizers.
Since at home sheflera does not bloom, it means there are no seeds either. Reproduction is carried out by cutting. For this, a cutting knife is cut obliquely with a sharp knife, and the cut is treated with a growth stimulator. Planted in the ground, made from equal parts of clean sand and peat. Planted stalk is better to cover with a glass jar to create a greenhouse effect. Ambient temperature up to 22 ° C.
Transplant cutting is performed in a container with enhanced drainage system. To further the chef was more decorative, up to four cuttings are planted in the flower pot. As adults, the plants will combine their crowns, which will create a picturesque composition. Young plants are transplanted annually. Large plants are transplanted as needed.