House of arbolitovyh blocks

Features of arbolitovy blocks

Wood concrete is often called wood concrete, since its composition includes shredded wood from wood waste. Other commonly used organic ingredients are ground rice straw and cotton stalks.
To improve the quality of wood concrete blocks, chemical additives are used to protect the material from fungi and bacteria, accelerating hardening, and regulating the density and porosity of the wood concrete mixture.
Depending on the average density of the blocks in the dried state, thermal insulating arbolite with a density of up to 500 kg / m3 and structural density with a density above 500 kg / m3 are distinguished. The unique property of this building material is its breaking strength. Arbolitovy block cannot be broken or split. Therefore, the house built from this material will not collapse with slight movements of the foundation. He is not afraid even tremors of medium strength.
The advantages of arbolita include high environmental cleanliness, fire resistance and breathability.Arbolite blocks weigh significantly less than bricks, and, therefore, do not require the construction of massive foundation structures. Due to the qualitative similarity with a wooden bar, this material has the disadvantage of being vulnerable to moisture. The house of wood concrete must be protected from the outside with a waterproof decorative coating.

Construction of houses from wood concrete

Wood concrete is widely used in private construction. From this material erected cottages, townhouses, outbuildings and small industrial enterprises. On specialized websites and forums you can find as many projects of various arbolite buildings as possible and reviews on the properties of this material. You can also watch a video with the process of laying arbolitovyh blocks.
Vinyl siding, decorative brick, facade panels, facing stone (natural or artificial) and plaster with subsequent painting are usually used for exterior finishing of arbolit buildings.
Bearing walls erected from structural arbolita, reinforced with steel reinforcement. Internal partitions are made of cheaper and lighter insulation blocks. The same material is used for additional insulation or soundproofing of individual rooms.
The process of laying arblitovy blocks is easier to work with ceramic bricks and goes much faster due to the large size of the blocks. During the construction of arbolita leave openings for windows and doors, which are reinforced with wooden or reinforced concrete beams.