Hormonal Tibetan gymnastics: contraindications and reviews


A bit of history

The first information about Tibetan hormone gymnastics appeared on the pages of Komsomolskaya Pravda in the distant 80s. According to legend, Soviet experts built a power station in the foothills of Tibet. Not far from it was one of the Buddhist monasteries. The monks asked for electricity in their monastery and, as a fee, they gave the builders and engineers methods of hormonal gymnastics.

According to the statements of the same newspaper, Soviet specialists, who regularly practiced this gymnastics, survived to their advanced years, while maintaining excellent health. Many of them even managed to get rid of chronic diseases.

The popular healer Olga Orlova was popularizing Tibetan gymnastics in the 80s and 90s, promising her followers good health, good hormones at any age and even a cure for many chronic diseases. To many, this system of healing has become known as Olga Orlova’s Tibetan gymnastics.

The essence of the system

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics is a complex of morning exercises consisting of simple actions. According to the ideas of the people of China and Tibet, “qi” energy circulates in each person through many channels. If it circulates properly, the person is healthy. Any disease that has occurred suggests that qi energy began to circulate abnormally.

If you act on certain points of the body, make certain gymnastic movements, circulation of qi can be corrected. In addition, the same methods can activate the chakras, strengthen the biofield and improve the endocrine system. All nontraditional methods of treatment of the Orient are based on these principles: qigong, acupuncture and bioenergetics, various gymnastics wellness.

Tibetan gymnastics takes little time, is simple to perform, suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their physical condition and health. The main thing is to follow simple rules:

  1. You need to do the exercises in the morning, preferably from 6 to 8 in the morning. It is believed that at this time, qi energy best responds to external influences.
  2. To improve your health you need to study for at least 2 months. To get serious results - much longer.
  3. Tibetan hormone gymnastics practitioners must stop smoking, drinking alcohol and any drugs.
  4. Very important is the regularity of the exercises, since even a short break can deprive the results that have been achieved for many years. You can not take a break for more than 2 days in a row.
  5. The first months and even years of training you need to strictly monitor the correctness of the movements, the correct breathing and listen to the sensations of the body. Exercises designed to be performed in bed should be performed on a rigid and elastic surface.


For beginners who have recently begun to practice Tibetan gymnastics, in the next month or two there can be various ill health, malaise, and exacerbations of chronic diseases. Gymnastics experts say this is a natural process. Circulation of qi energy is improving, many channels are being cleaned, energy is growing. Therefore, the initial ailments through a short time pass, and there comes a marked improvement in health.

Specialists of official medicine warn that this gymnastics is absolutely contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • acute disorders of the heart;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • acute inflammatory processes in the intestine;
  • risk of infringement of a hernia;
  • postoperative conditions;
  • hypertensive crisis;
  • arthritis in acute forms;
  • pathological diseases of the spine.

In addition, doctors strongly recommend that in the presence of acute and chronic diseases, consult with your doctor before starting to engage in both Tibetan hormone exercises and other methods of alternative medicine.

It is also necessary to remember that unconventional methods of recovery in no way can replace the proper treatment prescribed by a doctor. They can only supplement it in cases where doctors do not object to their use.

Practitioners reviews about gymnastics

Patients involved in Tibetan hormone gymnastics note the following positive changes:

  • get rid of chronic stress and apathetic conditions;
  • sight and hearing are improved, their disturbances and various diseases are eliminated;
  • attention is improved, memory and mental abilities are strengthened, cerebral circulation is restored;
  • chronic fatigue, physical and emotional tension are removed, vitality rises;
  • work of a digestive tract, circulation of a lymph improves;
  • improves posture, flexibility of joints, muscle tone;
  • the respiratory organs are cleaned;
  • functioning of the cardiovascular system is improved, pressure is normalized, blood circulation is normalized;
  • the maxillary sinuses are cleaned, the facial contours improve, wrinkles disappear;
  • normal thyroid function.

Persons who are professionally engaged in creativity, note that Tibetan hormone gymnastics helps to achieve harmony with oneself and the outside world. It is believed that this is due to the fact that both hemispheres of the brain are in equilibrium.

In addition, the regular implementation of Tibetan gymnastics inhibits aging.

All of these positive changes are regularly found in various reviews. Everyone notes the simplicity of the exercises and the undoubted positive effect.Many of the negative moments do not like the fact that after long breaks in classes the illnesses begin to return.

Official medicine reviews

However, representatives of official medicine reviews about gymnastics are more restrained.

First of all, there are many diseases incurable from the point of view of modern achievements of medicine and science. In many cases, regular long-term exercise of Tibetan gymnastics exercises allows one to achieve stable remission, but it is very difficult to establish a reliable number of these cases. Large-scale clinical studies are needed to understand: what percentage of cases can gymnastic exercises help. Unfortunately, such studies have not been conducted and not conducted either in China or in Tibet.

However, as a method of recovery Tibetan hormonal gymnastics has the right to exist. Science does not know cases when it has hurt someone except when the patient has clear contraindications for her.

Especially since official medicine has long proved the benefits of various gymnastic exercises and self-massage for general healing of the body.And from this point of view, various gymnastic systems and self-massage complexes help about the same.

Science opinion

It is known that Tibetan hormonal gymnastics has been developing for centuries in the depths of Tibetan culture and religion. You can never understand the culture of Tibetans and not know what they believed in, but practice gymnastics as a type of physical therapy (exercise therapy), treat it accordingly and not expect anything supernatural from Tibetan gymnastics.

That is, gymnastics can really strengthen health, improve the functioning of many body systems, and even treat chronic, but minor diseases. The main thing is to carefully listen to your body, listen to your feelings and in no case overdo it. Otherwise, it is possible not only not to cure, but also to aggravate what was available.

Like any other gymnastic system, Tibetan hormonal gymnastics can be used to heal, rejuvenate and improve the condition, as well as combine it with other types of exercise therapy.

Unlike many physical therapy complexes, psychotherapeutic instruments are present in Tibetan hormonal gymnastics.They not only improve sleep, relieve stressful conditions and improve mood, but also lead the patient to a state of catharsis, when he suddenly forgives everyone for all the insults, and with them he relieves himself of many psychological trauma.

But, like next to other health systems, various charlatans can spin around Tibetan hormonal gymnastics. For the money, they will teach the most incredible exercises that are completely inconsistent with the classical ones, they will promise incredible improvements in health and anything else, just to pay.

Therefore, starting to engage in Tibetan gymnastics, it is recommended to strive to master the basic exercises and principles of healing. As soon as the teacher or mentor begins to talk about spirituality, about the development of supernormal abilities and about secret methods of curing completely incurable diseases, such people should be avoided.