Holographic lips - bright, stylish, fashionable

Social networks have long been the vehicles of fashion trends. Especially succeeded in this case Instagram. Not so long ago, beauty bloggers, inspired by the idea of ​​a holographic manicure, actively began to introduce this technique into makeup. At first it was eye shadow, and now - incredible lipstick and lip gloss. Want to know how to make a fashionable "holographic" yourself? Then read on.

Futuristic trend

Last year, the gloss and rainbow overflow gradually replaced the fashionable haze and nude. Highlighters for face and body shine, “metal” shadows, means with glitters were very much loved by fashionistas of the whole world.

On the crest of this delight, for the first time, the line of luster-chameleons Lip Switch launched the cosmetic brand Sigma.

Five incredible dualistic shades instantly turn your lips into a true masterpiece. It is possible to use such gloss both independently, and putting on a matte basis. "Wow effect" is provided. You can verify this by looking at the examples presented in the photo.

To feel like a real star, you have to pay about 15 dollars, if you buy this miracle of decorative cosmetics in America.

But such funds can now be found for every taste and purse, because well-known brands happily hastened to please their fans with such brilliance.

But you can try to implement this bold idea on your own. How? Now tell.

First you need to choose the basis. The most affordable and simple option - pharmacy Vaseline. Also suitable lipstick or regular balm. Any of these products should be applied to the lips with a brush, for even distribution.

The final result will depend on the tone of the substrate. On a solid or pale pink, lighter, pearlescent colors will appear, on the dark - saturated, cosmic, "gasoline", giving volume. In the first case, make-up will be appropriate even for the office, in the second it is more suitable for parties and fantasy photos.

Primary color is made with the help of pigment, which can be purchased at make-up stores.

To make this makeup more resistant, makeup artists recommend using two additional products:

  1. Pencil.It will make the outline clearer, and will create a kind of barrier that will not let the gloss shine.
  2. Primer. It can be replaced with a tonal base, which must be applied in a thin layer.

Bold makeup trends - for self-confident girls. Holographic lips will allow you to really shine. Be beautiful!

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