Holiday weekends with a couple of new recipes

If daily cooking does not cause a desire for variety in food due to lack of time, then on weekends you can always find a couple of hours to cook a non-standard dish. It is not difficult to please the family. Choose one or two new recipes that have long attracted, prepare the necessary composition of products and proceed to an interesting process.

In the future, already tested recipes can be the base or the basis for their own research. Gradual expansion of the assortment will bring not only satisfaction and pleasure from sampling new dishes, but also cooking skills that will become useful in situations of preparation for family holidays, meeting of guests or other events.

One of the interesting options is the use of crackers when cooking salads. This rather unexpected decision surprises both men and children.Awesome salad with crackers and mushrooms - this is what you need for the next weekend! Among the ingredients there are the usual products that are almost always present in the house, but you will have to worry about fresh mushrooms, ham, olive oil in advance.

The cooking process will take quite a bit of time: the washed and boiled mushrooms are fried in olive oil until golden brown, the grated carrot with onion is brought to a golden color in a heated frying pan. At this time, cut the ham and eggs into cubes, chop the greens. All components are folded into a salad bowl, mayonnaise, add salt and black pepper. At last, add croutons so that they do not have time to soften much. Agree that the proposed dish can be prepared easily and quickly enough!

If you are thinking about a recipe from oriental cuisine, then ask how to cook meat for shawarma. It is not difficult if there is a grill in the house. Meat in Russia is used by anyone, so choose for yourself what is most like your family. Korean carrot or sauerkraut served as a shawarma salad, sliced ​​and seasoned with butter, sour cream, mayonnaise cucumbers and tomatoes, you can use ketchup, cook garlic sauce.Experts advise to add in addition to the usual greenery special seasonings: turmeric, red and black pepper, zir, because the original version of this dish assumes fiery sharpness.

The final point of the evening may well be a roll with condensed milk. It is important to remember that cooking takes place quickly, it is impossible to leave for other matters. Combine a glass of sugar with a glass of flour, a bag of baking powder and add 4 eggs, pour the mass on a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated oven for about 7 minutes. Once laid on a wet towel, quickly smooth the condensed milk over the surface, quickly turn and allow to cool.