Hello, tell me how to care for a 6 month old kitten, what to give it to him and how to wash it, he is already accustomed to the tray

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6 months - not so small! you can feed 3 times a day. lean beef boiled, mixed with rice Chicken or any other poultry meat can be given, but without the bones. For a kitten, it is better to choose a chicken fillet, and before feeding it, it is necessary to grind it in a meat grinder so that it is more convenient to eat and it does not choke. Vegetables are vitamins. You can give them in any form, but you need to start feeding the kitten boiled. It is advisable to choose a fish, sea and pitted, although it is possible and river, but the main thing - it must be necessarily boiled. Eggs are not more than one per week, and even then, only the yolk, since a boiled egg is almost not absorbed by the animal's body. Cottage cheese is a very useful product for kittens, and for cats too. It has many beneficial trace elements. You can drip a little sour cream on top of the curd - it will taste better, but do not overdo it, so as not to lead to an upset stomach. Kefir and milk should be included in the diet of a kitten up to 6-8 months, as long as they are not fat. Cheese is a very useful product, but you need to give it no more than twice a week. Be sure that the kitten has fresh water! Than it is impossible to feed a little kitten: Butter and other fatty dairy products; Raw freshwater fish, as it can be worms and other parasites; All sorts of sausages; Bones of birds; In no case do not give pork, it is not useful and unsafe for cats.