Hair Band

Lovers of headbands and various barrettes with the help of a master class can make themselves jewelry for the hair according to the technique of Kazan. With this scheme, you can create customized jewelry that reflects your personality. Wearing such a headband will be doubly pleasant! It takes only an hour of time, accuracy and not much imagination. But the result will be admired not only you, but also the surrounding. So, let's begin. We'll make a bezel for the hair on an elastic band. For work it will be required: 1. 3 ribbons of different colors and widths. Purple - 6 cm., Pink - 4 cm., White - 2 cm. The color scheme can be any other, even monotonous - to your taste. 2. Glue. I use a pistol, but it is possible and PVA, or the moment "Crystal". 3. Scissors. 4. A soldering iron, a lighter or a candle to connect and singe the edges. 5. Elements of decor. 6. Bezel-gum. 7. Needles and thread for assembling a flower.
 Hair ring
Step 1: Cut out the squares from each ribbon.The widest is 6 pieces in size 6 * 6, the middle one is 5 pieces 4 * 4, the smallest one is 6 pieces 2 * 2.

Step 2: Start the harvesting of the petals. Take the square from the ribbon 6 * 6, fold it into a triangle.
Turn the triangle by a right angle and connect the two edges to the bottom corner. It turns out a diamond. Lateral corners of the rhombus are turned back and joined with a needle.
Crop the excess and scorch by pressing the edges. It turns out the petal.
Hair band
Do the same with the other petals of 6 * 6.
Step 3: Now you need to make" sharp "petals. A square from a 4 * 4 ribbon is folded in half to form a triangle.
Repeat the second time.
Bezel for hair
Connecting the bottom corners.Crop excess, we sing, glue.
Doing the same with small 2 * 2 squares. blanks.  Headband
Step 4: Create the petals in any order you like. I alternated in the following way: large, small, medium. Strung on a string of the workpiece and we band into the ring. Hair band Step 5: Decorate the center with a rhinestone and fasten it to a flower. With a glue, we put the finished flower on the headband. Headband This is the kind of work you get. A hand-made headband, hairpin or scrunchy is a great holiday gift. Using the technique of Kazan, you can decorate and various items of clothing - children's clothes, hats, bags and much more. Dream with the color scheme, the assembly of the flower, the decor and create unique jewelry for yourself and your friends!