He does not love me! Moms told about the most offensive actions of children

A new flashmob on the network was started by model and TV presenter Krissy Teigen - she complained that in response to kisses, the daughter slapped her in the face.

Chrissy, 31, is a mother of a charming girl named Luna. The path of the model to motherhood was not easy: she and her husband, musician John Legend, for a long time tried to conceive a child in a natural way, but in vain. Had to resort to IVF. In April last year, the moon was born. Krissy from her baby just crazy and does not part with the girl, even on the set. And she, like any other mommy, has hard days.

Jul 15 2017 at 10:25 am PDT

Recently, Chrissy complained to followers on Twitter that she had a very difficult day. And she asked the followers for help: “Tell me what your children are doing.” The star was sure that she was not the only one to whom the children exhaust their nerves to the last cell. And it turned out to be absolutely right. Among its nearly eight million subscribers, there were almost eight thousand people willing to share.With my mother's sketches - it turned out to be a real flash mob. We have selected some of the most heartbreaking stories.

“My son says no to me every time I kiss him,” one of the moms complained.

“Mine too. And it adds a slap on the face, ”replied Chrissy to the soul mate.

Another mother said that her one and a half year old daughter was growing up a real troll: “She offered me a piece from her plate. And when I reached for it, grabbed it and devoured it. I made a sad face, and she raised her fists to her eyes, imitating sobs, and said: "Vya-vya-vya". And I just wanted to bite off a piece of her cheeseburger! ”That's really really insulting. And my mother sincerely wondered where her daughter could learn such evil tricks.

“And my son once said that my hair is just an abomination. Stunned, I asked what it meant. And he answered: “Something that I don’t like”. ” Stories poured from mummies as from a horn of plenty.


Kara Bosworth (@karakeough)

“My preschooler once found a photo from our wedding. Says: “Oh, look at the daddy! He is so beautiful! ”I asked:“ And who is next to dad? ”He said:“ Man. ” When I said that it was me, Mom, he looked at me, then in the photo, and said: “No.This is a beautiful man. ”

"And my little brother told his mother that he would not call her on his birthday."

“My 13-month-old son says the word" dad. " When I ask him to say "mom", he looks into my eyes, says "no" and laughs.

“When my little brother is angry with me, he loves to pretend that he is a stranger to me - in public places! I look like a complete fool. ”

“I asked my six year old son if he would visit me when I was old. He replied that he would be only if he did not find a more interesting occupation. ”

“My four year old son asked me why I was doing makeup. I say - to look good. Replies: "I think it does not work."

“My little cousin shouts“ Hey big man! ”Every time she sees my mom.

“I hugged my three-year-old. She asked if I liked to hug. I replied that I like. She said that she would never hug me again, and she went away. ”

I have a heart attack

Nina Schutzman (@PoJoNSchutzman)

“My son puts on his Halloween costume to wake me up. Once I have enough heart attack. ”

"My daughter called me a bean pod during an argument."

“My five-year-old nephew said that I was not cool enough to sit next to him.Even when I bought him ice cream, he tried to force me to transfer to another table. ”

“Last week, my twins locked me in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. Just closed the latch outside. Just because they could. ”

“My teenager arranges 72 minutes of hell for me - from the moment of awakening to leaving school. And then he writes: “Mamaya, I love you so much! Will you bring me a burger? ”

“Tell mom, tell mom, tell mom,” I said to my 11-month-old daughter. She looked at me with empty eyes and said "Olive." That's the name of our dog. ”

However, it was clear to all that all these offenses were not serious. Of course, such actions are frustrating. But when you look back, for some reason it becomes terribly ridiculous.