Handshake Technique

Handshake TechniqueHandshake

What can be said about a man who, after a careless handshake, immediately put his hands behind his back? Or sluggishly squeezed your hand without interrupting conversations with other people? You may have an idea that he does not want to have business with you or that you could not adequately represent your company.


The handshake is the physical contact accompanying the verbal. A handshake is widespread in business, so it is vital to know when and how to give a hand.


Handshake Rules



What is a proper handshake?


During the handshake, it is customary to look into the eyes. A firm handshake and a look in the eyes demonstrate self-confidence.


According to the etiquette, the handshake occurs simultaneously with the official presentation. Handshake technology is as follows.


1. Stretch out your hand and grab the person's hand so that your thumbs touch.


2. Shake a couple of times.


In this case, the movement should go from the elbow, and not from the shoulder.


3. Carefully complete the handshake before you finish submitting.


A good handshake lasts three to four seconds.


Handshake Ethics



Remember: you must be in the same position as the person to whom you are represented, i.e. stand, if he stands, or sit, if he sits. In this case, during the handshake, you are at the same level. This rule applies to women. However, there are exceptions, for example, you can not get up if you sit at the table and reach out to the person represented is difficult.


Veli you wear a badge, place it on the right, because the gaze of a person during a handshake is usually directed in this direction.


In some cases, a handshake is inappropriate, for example, when you are introduced to someone, and your hands are busy. Do not try to frantically get rid of things that you hold in your hands. Just nod your head in greeting.


If you drink during the meeting, keep a glass with a drink in your left hand - then you do not have to shift the glass and give a cold and wet hand for a handshake. When the dating ceremony is completed, you can take the glass in your right hand. If you wear gloves, including as part of uniforms, always take them off before shaking hands. The same rules must be followed on the street.


A good handshake is characterized by a strong personality that is valued no less than knowledge and business reputation!