Going to Italy and want to know what kind of religion is there?

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Answered on July 12 05:44
I am not a believer, I grew up in an atheist family. When I go somewhere abroad to have a rest, I always look through, briefly, the history of the country, I am interested in culture and, of course, in religion. You can find out what religion is in Italy here. But I am more interested in history.
Answered on July 12 05:51
Those traveling to Italy on trips through a travel agency are always given a fact sheet in which you can briefly read everything about the country. Well, you can learn about the religion of Italy from books that can be taken from the library or from textbooks on history and geography.
Answered on July 12 05:56
When I go abroad, I am mainly interested in the kitchen, the rules and procedures instituted in that country, so as not to accidentally get into an unpleasant story, through ignorance. You can search for information about the religion of Italy on the Internet