Gelatin Face Masks

To make a universal face mask, pour 1 tbsp. gelatin with a small amount of cold water. Wait until it swells and dissolve in the water bath. After mixing the gelatinous mass with 1 tbsp. milk and talc. Cool the resulting slurry to room temperature and apply evenly on the face, smeared with olive oil. Keep the composition for 10 minutes - during this time it should dry slightly. Remove the gelatin mask as follows: moisten a towel with hot water, squeeze and apply for a couple of minutes to the face. Then wash off the mass with a cotton swab and rinse your face with cool water.
For fading skin, a mask with a lifting effect is ideal. Pour 10-15 g of gelatin 40-50 ml of water at room temperature and leave for 45-60 minutes. Then mix in a separate container 10 g of zinc oxide and 40 ml of glycerin. In the swollen gelatin gently pour the mixture and mix until a homogeneous consistency.Put the composition in a water bath and hold until it becomes liquid. Next, take three strips of medical bandage, wet them in jelly and attach to the face in the following sequence: oval face, forehead area and middle part. Top with another layer of mask. After half an hour, remove the bandage and wash with cool water.
Gelatin has a slight whitening effect, so it can be used to combat pigmentation on the face. Fill with warm water 3-5 g of gelatin and leave to swell for 50-55 minutes. After gently inject 10 g of liquid natural honey and 60 ml of glycerin. Place the dishes in the water bath and hold until the gelatin is dissolved. Apply the mixture evenly on a clean face and leave to dry completely. Do not worry if the mask will tighten the skin - this is a normal reaction. Remove the tool with a cotton swab dipped in warm whey or milk.