Furcy hairpin of satin ribbons

A wide palette of shades of satin ribbons allows you to create charming decorations. The correct combination of several tones allows needlewomen to create quite realistic flowers for various decorations.
 Fursi hairpin from satin ribbons
For Fursi clamp "You will need: - long hair clip. - sharp scissors. - satin ribbons in three different shades: green, lilac and light pink. - beads for weaving pink.- cotton pads. - glue gun with a spare rod. - wire for needlework. - lighter. Step by step description of creating a hairpin. Hairpin consists of one main flower and three small unblown buds. Each part is made separately and consists of a certain number of petals. Start work should be done by preparing the petals. To do this, from the ribbons of pink and lilac shades it is necessary to cut two kinds of parts. The size of large blanks is 6x4.5 cm. Parameters of small ones are 4.5x4.5 cm.Large rectangles need to be cut only from lilac ribbon, their number is 15 pieces. Small details should be prepared from two shades of ribbons, pink need 6 pieces, and lilac 10 for the main flower and 15 for the buds. Now the upper edge of the rectangles needs to be made round and the lower cut is cut along the sides. As a result, unprocessed petals of two sizes are obtained.  make it rounded
Now using the flame of the lighter, all details need to gently scorch from all sides, evenly stretching at the rounding places, giving them a wavy view. using a flame lighter Cotton disks should be cut in half.
 Wadded disks

Having prepared a wire 10 cm long, you need to fix its edge in the middle of a half cotton pad.
 Preparing the wire
The remaining edge of the disk should be wrapped around the wire and secure in this state of glue.The result will be a kind of umbrella.
 to wrap around a wire
A pink petal is gently glued to this umbrella, but you only need to attach the top edge of the part.
glued the pink petal
Then you should attach another 2 pink petals, gradually placing them around the cotton pad. Then the bottom sections of all the details must be tightly attached to the wire, so that the result will be a closed bud.
 must be firmly attached
The two remaining petals are also glued to this bud, but now glue should be applied only on the lower cut, so that the bud will turn out lush.
 stick to this bud
It turns out that's a bud, repeating the entire sequence you need to create three of the same flower of lilac small workpieces. For each bud will require five parts.And the flower of the lilac shade will serve as a center for the main inflorescence. Next, around the pink petals, you need to attach 10 lilac details of a small size. bud Then, stick large circles on the circumference . So the main flower will form.
 big petals
Then, on the base of each flower, it is necessary to fasten the sepals made of green ribbon.
 consolidate sepals
An additional decoration of hairpins are beaded loops. To create them on the wire need to thread pink beads. The length of the eyelets can vary from 3 to 5 cm.
 decoration for hairpins
Then use green ribbon to cut large triangles and make leaves for flowers. They will all need 5 pieces.
 cut large triangles
From the obtained leaves you need to glue a fan,neatly putting the tips of the parts on top of one another.
 glue the fan
To the bottom of the fan is fixed a green stripe, 3 cm wide, which will serve as the basis for the hairpin.
fixed green the
Two buds are fixed on top of the leaves, pointing in different directions.
 two buds are fixed
The third bud is located on the other edge of the base.
Third Bud
Bead loops are attached to a single bud, two pieces on each side.
beaded loops are attached

Now in the center of the remaining space on the bottom when a large flower is being cast.
 Fursi hairpin of satin ribbons
It remains to turn the decoration and securely fasten the hair clip along the base line.
clip for hair
Fursi hair clip is completely ready!