Fruit Bucket

Not so long ago, small decorative buckets appeared on the market. They really liked me. I did not buy, but I thought about how to make them myself. For a long time, she bore the idea and pondered what kind of material it is better to do crafts. What to use, paper or metal? But the problem was solved at that moment, when the eye in the store fell on a plastic glass with a volume of 100 ml. It was from him that I made a beautiful miniature bucket. If you want to repeat my master class, then prepare such materials for work:
  • plastic cup (volume 100 ml) li>
  • thin wire;
  • piece of thin sheet of metal;
  • awl;
  • pliers;
  • a small tube of superglue;
  • a brush;
  • acrylic colors of three colors: white, black and blue; li>
  • napkin with a pattern;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • / li>
  • dough for modeling orange, yellow and green hues;
  • openwork
So, to make a bucket you need to take an ordinary plastic cup of 100 ml.First, I washed it well with soap to degrease the surface. Pail with fruits
To make a handle, you need to prepare a piece of thin flexible wire 8 cm long and a small piece of flat metal sheet.
Pail with Fruits
I bent the wire with a semi-ring and then twisted the ends with pliers, forming loops. From the metal piece, cut off the holders for a pen of arbitrary shape and made an opening in them with an awl.Pail with Fruits I connected the blanks and got just such a handle for my future bucket.
Pail with fruits
With the help of superglue, I fixed it on a plastic cup. Already the picture looms! Pail with fruits Now you need to cover the bucket with white acrylic paint inside and outside.
Pail with Fruits
After the white paint has dried, painted the outside with blue.
Pail with fruits
Onenamelled buckets usually present drawing. I did not change the tradition and looked for the right image. It was found on a paper napkin. Cut out 2 lovely ornaments and glued them on both sides of the container.
Bucket with fruit
Pail with fruits
Black paint over the upper bezel and bottom of the bucket. On the handle, made a rotating element characteristic of real buckets. You can use a wooden bead, but I made it from a sticky tape.