Frame for Christmas tree made of paper or fabric

I saw such a wonderful Christmas tree and thought that I would have to do it with the children at the lesson.

Interesting, simple and completely inexpensive.

The most important thing in this hand-craft is the frame on which paper will be worn, you can use fabric.

Peeped in one MK. I took a picture, cut a square with a side length of 7cm. and I think: "And how will I strengthen the skewer on this thin square? ..."

This way and that, does not come out. Too thin-this time, it is necessary to pierce with an awl-these are two; pierced on through. Outweighs, falls. After several impacts, the hole becomes larger, and the skewer goes to fly.

Materials and tools:

Then we again glue the newspaper, also using glue for PVC materials, but already with a bias and again a piece of PVC, and again a square from the newspaper with a shift. And so, until you get a fairly stable podium.

Step 4

The base is ready and you can insert the skewer.

The skewer is inserted into the base with a blunt end, and the sharp one will help us to make holes in newspaper pieces. Everything is fine.

Now there are enough supplies for children.

Step 5

To make a Christmas tree, we simply string the rest of the newspaper squares to reduce them, according to size, with mixing.

The same is made of fabric, but that’s another story.

All good and good luck in the new year!