Floral rim

It's summer already. Everything is blooming all around, but the girls who have flourished most of all, who now and then perk, make different hairstyles. To date, headbands with flowers have entered the trend. After wearing such a bezel, the girl becomes, thus, closer to nature and, naturally, prettier. But, dear girls, if you also want to have the same floral bezel, then you do not have to spend money bags on them, because you can make them with your own hands. For such a wonderful accessory you will need not only materials and tools, but also a little patience. And so, what we need: - bezel (hoop); - blue tape 2 meters 3-4 cm wide; - red tape 3–4 cm wide; - stamens ( depends on the number of flowers on the rim); - scissors; - lighter (matches); - threads with a needle; - glue.
 materials and tools
First of all, we wrap the hoop with a blue ribbon, do not forget to grease and hem it at the ends.And we proceed to the most basic task of ours - we make flowers on the bezel. We cut 25-30 centimeters from the tape (of any color).
Cutting off the tape
We bend on one side of the tape, and on the other we bend so that the end of this tape is under the end of the first folded tape (as shown in photos below). wrap the hoop
 we wrapped the hoop We pass through the usual line on all edges tape. We shrink our line We shrink our line.
Shrink our line
Now we turn over to the other side and see that a bud has come out, but in order for it to be fully completed, it remains to finish one more small detail - to attach the stamen inside the bud with a needle and thread and fix the thread.
 flower from ribbon
Make as many flowers,how much you need for the bezel and sew them on the bezel.
 ribbon flowers
 Flower bezel
And here, your bezel with flowers are ready in all beauty! Wear health, but do not forget to pamper your girlfriends and sisters with such luxury. After all, this thing is now in a trend, not a single photo session is complete without this flower band!
 Flower frame with your own hands