Feet cold: what to do?

It is clear when the feet are cold in the cold. And if the feet feel cold in the heat, what should I do? If you can not warm up even under a warm blanket? If freezing feet - the phenomenon is frequent and occurs at the most inappropriate moments?

Let's try to understand the causes of this phenomenon, as well as how to deal with it.

Possible reasons

The causes of freezing feet can be many. The most innocuous of them - uncomfortable shoes or clothing, as well as the physiological characteristics of the organism. A more serious cause is various pathological changes (circulatory disorders) and serious diseases, for example, atherosclerosis or dystonia. In this case, freezing feet are one of the symptoms of such diseases.

To find out the exact cause of freezing feet, you need to contact the experts and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. If any disease is detected, it is necessary to begin its treatment. However, in addition to the main treatment, it is desirable to follow general recommendations.

Treatment: general recommendations

First of all, give up the narrow and cramped shoes and weaving clothing. Try to replenish your wardrobe with things made from natural materials. In addition, follow other recommendations.

Rejection of bad habits

Get rid of habits that have a negative effect on the state of the vessels. If your legs are cold, you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol. It is also desirable to reduce the amount of strong tea and coffee you drink.

Training vessels

This measure will help to improve blood circulation and in varying degrees, will help with constantly freezing feet. For training you need to take a contrast shower and make contrast baths for the legs. For training vessels, experts also often recommend walking in the summer barefoot. These measures will help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and thereby improve blood circulation.

Exercise and Massage

If you do regular morning or special exercises for the legs, the blood supply to your limbs will improve. If your legs get cold all the time, do such exercises as scissors and a bicycle more often, and also run, jump and swim.And every evening before bed, do a foot massage.

Dietary change

If you want to normalize vascular tone and increase hemoglobin, then include buckwheat porridge, apples and carrots, dried fruits and herbs, nuts and liver in your diet. And in the cold season, before going outside, drink hot chicken broth.

How to warm the legs?

Use the popular recipes to quickly warm your feet:

  1. Alcohol compress. Make a hot foot bath. Then moisten the soles of cotton socks with vodka or alcohol and put on the socks. Wear another pair of dry and wool socks or socks on top.
  2. Salt baths. At 1 liter of hot water, take 2 tbsp. l sea ​​salt, 15 drops of rosemary, 2 tbsp. l of milk.
  3. The course of restoration of blood circulation. It should be done every 2 months. To complete one course, prepare a mixture of horseradish juices, carrots and beets, taking them in 1 cup each. Add to the mixture a glass of honey and juice of one fresh lemon. Drink 2 tbsp. l before meals 2 times a day until the healing drink is over.