Features of the procedure of moxotherapy

Eastern medicine for several millennia uses in the process of treating various ills of knowledge about the structure and characteristics of the human body. Particular attention is paid to the interaction of active points located on the surface of the skin with internal organs.

Today we will tell you about a unique procedure called "moxotherapy", which is one of the main healers in Tibet.

Get rid of the disease, and even rejuvenate

The name of the procedure comes from the "tool" with which it is carried out - moxa. What is this? It is a cigar made from healing herbs. The main is wormwood. In addition to its healing properties, it exudes smoke with a special smell, which, according to residents of Eastern countries, drives away evil spirits. Juniper, mint, cumin and many others can also be used.

One of the main rules in the process of making moxa is their size. In order to properly act on the acupuncture points on the back, the thickness of the cigars must be equal to the thickness of the index finger, and for the chest and hands - the little finger. Harvest moxibles in late summer, twisting them in the form of a cone.

Types of procedure

Moxotherapy is contact and contactless. In the first case, the heating takes place through a thin plate made of garlic or ginger. The heat effect is stronger, and the patient may even feel a point heat.

The non-contact method is safer, since it is carried out at a distance of several centimeters from the skin. A more complex option involves the use of needles and moxa. The needle is injected into the active point, and at its end a cigar is installed for a few minutes. Heat enters a specific area, and after it begins to blush, the session ends.

Advantages and disadvantages

The effect of healing cigars on the body has a number of advantages:

  1. This method helps to get rid of not only the effects of the disease, but also has an active effect on its root cause, and also prevents relapse.
  2. In combination with herbal medicine allows natural remedies to penetrate deep into the body, providing the most effective effect.
  3. Moxotherapy significantly improves immunity and helps the body to continue to fight viruses and bacteria.

The procedure has almost no flaws, provided that you work with an experienced specialist. The only negative is the risk of overheating in the contact method process.

Who is suitable?

During the sessions, the body is actively heated. It helps to improve blood circulation and metabolic processes. These procedures are shown for:

  • treatment of respiratory diseases (including asthma);
  • eliminate pain after fractures and injuries;
  • spinal problems;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • treatment of allergies;
  • enhance the protective properties of the body.

But there is a moxotherapy and its contraindications. You should not resort to the help of healers if you have high blood pressure, there are dermatological diseases, neoplasms of any nature, as well as colds or viral diseases in the acute phase.

Moxotherapy is a special treatment technique used by oriental healers. Properly selected combination of procedures makes it possible to get the desired effect in 7-10 sessions. Be healthy!

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