Fashion Week in Paris: the best jewelry and accessories

Shows, regardless of the season - this is a real pleasure for the eyes, which can be fully satisfied only if you look at the clothes created by the designers in detail. Only then can the gaze and the composite fabrics, on which dozens of tailors manually work, and the luxurious themed decoration, through which the entire history of the collection is usually told, and the unusual accessories that complete each look, open to the gaze. We scrutinized all the collections for the presence of curious jewelery and accessories and selected the best finds for ourselves.

Necklace with medallions

Against the rest of the couture shows of the high-fashion week of the Dior show, which was being prepared by the successors of Raf Simons Lucy Meyer and Serge Rufier, it might seem boring to many. All images revolve around the “bar” jacket, there are only two colors - black and white - interspersed with gold and silver, and the general feeling of incompleteness, which, as fashion critics have suggested, is an idea to simplify and rejuvenate couture.But Dior's jewelry turned out to be completely not simple - C-shaped necklaces with Picasso-inspired post-impressionism - and became almost the most memorable jewelry of this fashion week.