Fashion trend - how to dress in the style of Safari

The main colors of this style are all shades of beige, as well as brown, white, gray and khaki, which is loved by all. Initially, this style belonged exclusively to the men's wardrobe, hence the scenery in the form of shoulder straps, shoulder belts and rivets. zippers and stitches. Now the Safari style is widely used by women who value conciseness and comfort in clothes.

The advantages of this style

  • Clothing is made from natural fabrics, mainly cotton or flax.

  • Safari style is aimed at creating a feminine, but at the same time comfortable image.

  • Such clothes emphasize advantages and hide weaknesses.

  • The basis of style is convenience and versatility.

How to create an image in the style of Safari

This style involves the creation of practical kits in which it will be convenient to travel and conquer the horizons. The clothes of a direct free cut are widely used. The basis of this wardrobe - shirts, short shorts, skinny pants, overalls and dress-robes.Safari style outerwear is also practical and often made from waterproof materials.

The most practical way in the Safari style can be called a combination of short overalls and sandals of “gladiators” or wedge shoes. This is a practical, fashionable and very feminine image, which is suitable for walking and outdoor activities.

A more feminine option is a straight cut sundress, similar to a bathrobe. It goes well with woven bosanozh, sabot or ballet shoes nude shades. A light chiffon scarf and a watch with an animal print will complete the look.

Perhaps the most popular attribute of safari style is straight cut shorts, which are often combined with massive straps. It is enough to add a solid top or a shirt to them and the everyday comfortable look is ready! There remains only one important addition - a wide-brimmed hat, which was an indispensable accessory for English aristocrats traveling around Africa, who became the founders of the Safari style.

Do not forget about the details - complete the image with a matching bracelet or an ivory pendant.