Face fitness

Under the fitness for the face understand special gymnastics, which is designed specifically for the facial muscles and includes a set of specific exercises. The methodology was based on the research of German cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, who were the first in the world to say that the muscles of the face can be trained like any other.

What gives face-fitness

To achieve results, you need to engage constantly and regularly. One-off exercises are not the case. By introducing work on a person into a habit, you will very soon be able to appreciate the results of your efforts. So, for example, the lion's share of mimic wrinkles disappears - crow's feet, etc. In addition, the skin of the eyelids, cheeks, cheekbones is tightened. Muscles gain elasticity, and mimicry becomes richer.
Fitness for the face helps to improve mood - after all, seeing every woman in a mirror prettier and refreshed will surely please almost every lady. Regular execution of simple exercises will get rid of traces of fatigue on the skin. Also, fitness for the face helps to cope with physical pain - pass headaches, decreases the feeling of discomfort in the neck.

The rules of fitness for the face

To achieve the most effective results, it is necessary to follow the rules for performing face exercises. So, all the exercises must be carried out in front of a mirror. In this case, you can better control what you are doing and you will see in time if in the process you form wrinkles and creases.
Remember that even if you perform the exercise strictly according to the instructions, but at the same time you will have pronounced defects on the face, such as folds, correct the exercise for yourself. For example, change the angle of inclination or strength of the muscles of the face. There is nothing terrible in this, because each person is unique and applying the averaged method to him is not the best option.
When performing exercises, be careful to perform them only by the muscle groups for which it is intended. At this point, the rest of the face should be relaxed.
After each exercise, be sure to completely relax the entire face. After the end of gymnastics, it is recommended to make a small and light facial massage, literally with one finger.
Focus on your feelings when doing gymnastics.Remember that in the end you should have a slight burning sensation and tingling in the skin. In all other cases - with the appearance of severe pain, tightness of the skin, etc. - discontinue gymnastics and consult a cosmetologist.

Exercise examples

With the help of facial gymnastics you can solve a number of cosmetic problems. For example, you can tighten sagging cheeks and make the facial contours clearer with the following exercise. Fold your lips as if you are now uttering a sound O. Place your index fingers on top of your cheekbones. Begin to smile, working only the upper lip. Under the fingers of the cheek should go up. When you realize that your cheeks have risen to the maximum point, use your fingers to create resistance. It is necessary to perform such an exercise about 20 times, then a pause of 5 seconds, after another 20 times.
To make the eyes more expressive and strengthen the circular muscle of the face will help you this exercise. Strain your eyes and bulge them. Moreover, the buckling should be as possible. The face remains relaxed, you need to look in front of you. With the right exercise, you will feel the muscles in your temples tense.Repeat 2 times 10-15 times. During the exercise, watch your facial expressions: do not raise and frown, do not wrinkle your forehead and do not clench your teeth.