Emma Stone admitted that she can not imagine her life without Ryan Gosling

Ryan does not lag behind her friend, and no, no, no, yes, she will give her compliments. "Emma is like Christmas presents. It is unique, ”he told Entertainment Tonight.

Publication from Ryan Goslinger (@ryangoslinger)Jul 25, 2016 at 8:09 am PDT

It seems to us that behind these seemingly innocent words lies Emma's purely female desire to annoy Eve. After all, even after the release of La La Lenda, insiders said that Mendez was not thrilled with her partner Ryan: “Eve is not happy about the fact that Ryan and Emma spend so much time together. They appear together on the red carpet, embrace and admire each other, while Eva has to sit with the children at home and watch her husband's triumph on the TV screen. ”

The tacit fact that during the filming of "That Fool's Love" in 2011, Emma and Ryan's screen novel turned into real one for a while, adds fuel to the fire.