Drosophila: how to get rid?

Drosophila flies are small insects that do not exceed three millimeters in length. Most often, they are infested next to spoiled fruit, but they also feed on decaying plant debris and plant juices. If they start, then getting rid of them is not easy, but possible. First of all, it is necessary to get rid of their habitat, then their number will decline. You should check the places of high humidity, because where there is rotting, flies will surely appear - Drosophila. How to get rid of them, not everyone knows, but subject to certain rules, they will go a long time.

We destroy the center of occurrence

Drosophila eat rotten fruits, vegetables and other plant residues. And if they have nothing to eat, they will disappear. Therefore, you should find the source of their occurrence, throw away all the rotten and wash this place well using rags, home disinfection solutions and hot water. First of all, you should inspect household supplies. Flies can live in a bag with rotten potatoes, bags of nuts and cereals, rotted fruits and vegetables, or a vase with a forgotten jam on the table.It is necessary to get rid of not only the products, but also the packages in which they settled.

Destroy flies

After the destruction of the place of feeding insects, you should get rid of them. To do this, you can use any insecticide, only before you get rid of the flies - Drosophila using dichlorvos you need during its use to take out of the room all family members and pets. After that, open all windows and ventilate the room for at least 30 minutes.

If this method is not acceptable to you, you can apply a more environmentally friendly. To do this, you need to take the package, put in it a few spoiled sour fruits, and leave it for about a day. After this, the bag, together with the midges gathered in it, should be quickly closed and taken to the garbage.

If you did not find the source of rotting, then to get rid of fruit flies at home, you should pay attention to indoor plants, because the flies can live in flower pots. Usually such a problem arises due to the fact that the flowers are heavily flooded and their roots rot. For their destruction, it is necessary to water the earth around the flowers with Aktar's solution, which is an insecticide of systemic action, intended also for application to the soil. In addition, you can water the flowers with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or treat the soil with steam, but for this you will need to temporarily dig up the flowers. But it is best to replace the soil mixture in the pots with a new one.

We carry out preventive measures

In order to no longer wonder about how to get rid of the flies - fruit flies, you should take several steps to protect your home from their repeated attack. To do this, you need to thoroughly clean and sanitize the kitchen, the trash can, clean all food and take out the garbage. In addition, in the future, should regularly check their stocks of vegetables and time to get rid of stale foods. You must constantly monitor the cleanliness of the house, not allowing the accumulation of debris and dirty dishes. If there are pets in the house, you should regularly wash their bowls and dwellings. Now you know how to get rid of midges - Drosophila and you will keep your “ear in sharply” so that these guests will not start again and will not upset you with their neighborhood.