Dream Interpretation: what does it mean in a dream to collect mushrooms

It would seem that a quiet hunt is a quiet occupation that does not promise problems. But are the dreams in which you pick mushrooms the same? Or do they have a completely different meaning? In order not to think in vain and not to read tea leaves, you should get acquainted with various interpretations. Understanding why dreams of collecting mushrooms in a dream is not so difficult. After all, often sonnics do not converge at all on one general meaning. But in any case, it is worthwhile to heed their advice in order to avoid grandiose mistakes and prevent irreparable!

According to the dream book Hasse

You can get the interpretation of a dream by dream book Hasse. He interprets a dream in which you collect mushrooms as a warning, but not dangerous. To achieve your goals you have to make tremendous efforts. Labor will be titanic, painstaking, exhausting. You need to surrender to the cause completely: physically and morally. But what is most terrible, the resources expended may not pay off.

On a note! There is a high risk that you will not be paid for your work.

If you dream that you collect amanita or put at least one such mushroom in your basket, it speaks of your cowardice. At some point you decided to fake or do the work carelessly.

According to Freud's dream book

Freud's dream interpretation is based on psychoanalysis and often gives amazing interpretations of the simplest images. This also applies to similar night dreams. Since in its interpretation the mushroom is a symbol of the phallus, everything connected with it is also interpreted through the prism of sex and sex.

If such a dream had a dream to a woman or a girl, this indicates her satisfaction with an intimate life or, on the contrary, the absence of such. When a lady eagerly tears up mushrooms and tries to fill the basket as much as possible, this indicates her desire to be claimed by the opposite sex. She wants sex and male attention.

And what does it mean to collect mushrooms in a dream according to Freud's popular dream book for a strong half? If picking up mushrooms has come in a night-time for a man, it can be interpreted as a measured and full-fledged sex life in reality.

On a note! But keep in mind that it is in this context that such a dream can be interpreted only if a man casually and quietly gathers mushrooms in the forest.

When you dreamed that someone else was picking mushrooms, it indicates your unhealthy desire to be aware of someone else's personal life. You need intimate details that have nothing to do with you.

If the search and collection of one particular fungus is dreamed, this can be interpreted as a readiness for serious relationships or even marriage.

By culinary dream book

You can interpret what you see and on the Culinary dream book. He says that such a dream with collected mushrooms can be decoded as the upcoming purchases. There is nothing to worry about. Shopping is guaranteed to be successful. Perfect purchase will delight you with its high quality, affordable price and long years of service.

On small Veles' dream book

Small Veles dream book, unlike previous interpreters of dreams, does not endow such an image with such a bright meaning. That's what he prophesies, if you dream of picking mushrooms in a dream:

  • trouble;
  • disappointment;
  • losses;
  • tears;
  • diseases and deterioration of health.

What is most terrible, the dream book indicates that the size of the mushroom predicts the volume of problems. That is, the larger it is, the worse the trouble will be or the more serious the problem.

Note! Also this dream book connects such night dreams with the upcoming pregnancy.

According to Miller's dream book

This interpreter of dreams also connects the mushroom picking, seen in a dream, with something negative. Dream Miller associates such an image with bad habits and addictions. The more mushrooms you collect in your dream and the more you are passionate about this process, the more wicked you are.

According to the XXI century dream book

An interesting interpretation of this dream gives an interpreter of the XXI century. He predicts profit, a good, well-paid job, bargains, receiving expensive and useful gifts.

But if you saw how in a dream you not only tear, but also trample on the mushrooms, this heralds a struggle with oneself. You will have to eradicate laziness and inertia from your life.

Collect mushrooms - to the loss of their own values. You are imitating someone.

Tearing fly agarics - to great problems. You are off the right track, and now you have a long work to do on yourself.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book

The dream car of Tsvetkov gives such a symbol only a positive value. He says that all your work, in which you have invested a lot of energy and your whole soul, will be highly appreciated.

He dreams that you are tearing up mushrooms, and then you eat them - a very good sign. He foreshadows you a long and happy life.

According to the Dreamman of the Wanderer

A very simple and understandable interpretation of such pictures gives the dream book of the Wanderer. He says that such night dreams can promise longevity, good health. cheerfulness, excellent well-being.

On a note! If you pick mushrooms from trees and stumps, this may indicate that someone above gives you strength. It is also a symbol of wisdom.

According to the dream book of Aesop

In the dream book of Aesop there are several meanings of a similar symbol. It is associated with suspicion, imaginary, caution and prudence. The image represents wisdom and the ability of magical effects.

He dreams that he has collected a full basket - to the hassle associated with intrigues and machinations. You will have to spend a lot of effort to refute the unreasonable accusations.

Cutting mushrooms with worms is bad. This image predicts you illness, grief, frustration.

It’s a dream that someone has already gathered all the mushrooms before you, to misses. Your excessive vigilance and excessive suspiciousness will lead to problems in your work. You will miss your chance, considering what is happening very suspicious. Relax! Be easier and easier! Then luck simply can not get around you.

I dreamed that you were just picking mushrooms in a clearing - a sign that carries danger. It is worth looking at friends and those whom you thought were good friends. Their thoughts and actions are not always pure and honest. Some of them are trying to lead you away from the truth. They advise the bad. Be cautious and do not let yourself be misled.

According to Wangi's dream book

The interpreter of dreams of a soothsayer from Bulgaria gives a deep and wise interpretation to such dreams. Vanga advised me to remember the details of the night dreams. After all, they, in her opinion, help to build a complete picture and get the most detailed interpretation of sleep.

On a note! At least try to remember the color of the mushroom hats.

The collection of white mushrooms (and all, even, strong, identical) is good. Dream predicts:

  • receiving generous gifts or prizes;
  • profit;
  • remuneration for work;
  • lottery winnings.

Collecting toadstools or other poisonous mushrooms is bad. Sleep warns the dreamer about the danger that comes from a loved one. Such a "mushroom" image can mean betrayal and quarrels with friends. A dream has a similar meaning, in which you cut and put wormy or rotten (friable) mushrooms in your basket.

According to the Seasonal dream book

Seasonal dream book interprets such nightly dreams in great detail. When deciphering what he saw, push off from the season:

  1. Winter: sleep promises difficulty in communicating with management. It would seem that innocent at first glance chanterelles, which you collect, may give rise to a serious conversation with the boss or a reprimand.
  2. Autumn: dreaming of mushrooming or mushroom pickers means possible problems with well-being, which is associated with seasonal exacerbations. Do not postpone the visit to the doctor indefinitely. It is better to prevent all diseases in advance.
  3. Summer: gather good edible mushrooms for a rich harvest, and poisonous for money.
  4. Spring: the image is associated with grief, loss, illness and death. Sleep is painful.

Note! To see how you collect freckles means in vain to worry and worry.

As you understand, it’s not so easy to understand what to see picking mushrooms in a dream. After all, this can dream on different occasions. But your task is to confide in intuition, and she will tell you what it means to see the mushrooms collected in night dreams.