Dream Interpretation: dreamed firewood in a dream

Firewood in a dream is a symbol of troubles and sorrows, family troubles, death. But all the details of what he saw are important.

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What dreams of wood in a dream?
What dreams of wood in a dream?

Dreaming Veles

Burn - to a loss. In a bonfire, firewood will dream of quarrels in a family. Firewood in the furnace - wait for the cold.

Firewood is scattered, so there will be a general dislike for you. Carry firewood? A good dream: for good and money.

They brought firewood to the yard, which means that a woman will die. Prick firewood in a dream - defeat the enemy.

XXI century

Chopping wood is dependent on a dishonest, deceitful person.

Dreamed of firewood, collected in an armful? Someone will try to draw you into a dubious business.

If you dreamed of knocking down boards, your financial situation will improve. If you grind or cut the boards, there will be a wedding soon.

Dreamed woodcutter? Someone from close people will help you a lot, and to your detriment.

Avoid loss or serious danger if you have crossed a stream on the boards, as if on a bridge.

Often, firewood dreams of sadness and tears.

Dream Dream

Sommillion firewood is interpreted as a foreshadowing of family troubles or a spoiled business.

If the firewood is stacked in neat woodpiles, the result will be successful.

East Dream

In a dream, had to sell firewood? If you can withstand the upcoming grueling fight, then success will certainly come.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Hear some gossip about yourself, if you dreamed that you bought firewood.

What does it mean if you dreamed that you were engaged in wood harvesting in the forest? The struggle is ahead, it will bring you victory and success.


To burn firewood - to get rid of enemies. I dreamed that sawing wood - suffering is coming.

In which they carry firewood very sad. Someone will die.

Summer dream

To dream of firewood stacked in a pile, what is it for? Such a dream is a confirmation of order in business, because you are a neat and organized person.


Burning wood in the fire or in the stove? In reality, the process of liberation from something superfluous and unnecessary.

Firewood is sawing, it means that you will be “sawed” for some sins.

There is going to be very hard work in the house if you dreamed that you brought firewood and piled it in the yard in a heap.

Family Dream

If you have a big log, you can be happy. Your expectations will come true necessarily. Moreover, it will happen on a holiday.

They saw firewood in a dream - to superiority over their enemies.