Does piercing nose hurt?

Arina Alikina
Arina Alikina
January 11, 2013
Does piercing nose hurt?

Today, many people decide on piercing. As you know, today they pierce far not only the ears, but, for example, the nose. Does piercing nose hurt? Of course, it hurts, but there are some factors that you should know if you decide to take this step.

Do anesthesia?

Many people think about saving anesthesia: they will give me a shot, and I will not feel anything. In fact, only a certified physician can make a good anesthesia, otherwise the consequences can be extremely sad, therefore, it is painful to pierce the nose. Sometimes the introduction of anesthetic into the body may be more painful than the piercing itself.

What makes a puncture?

If the ears are most often pierced with a piercing pistol, then you shouldn’t do the same with the nose, it is extremely painful and unsafe. Chemical preparations may not sterilize the needle of the pistol to the necessary extent, and it is inconvenient to pierce their nose. Therefore, most often the puncture is done with a hot disinfected needle.

Puncture site

Today, basically, do three types of punctures.Piercing the wings of the nose - the most popular form, especially among young people. He is known from ancient times, came from South Asia. In India and Nepal, the wings of the nose of a woman have reproductive symbolism, so very often they pierce their nose before marriage. The second type of piercing is the puncture of the cartilaginous septum (septum), and the third, the most painful type, is the nose piercing. In each case, the puncture is done with a needle, and the pain depends on your pain threshold. That is, for one person it will be a completely normal procedure, but for another - really painful.

In addition, do not forget about the period of healing of the puncture, during which many feel uncomfortable. It also depends on the characteristics of each person, but usually the nose bridge lasts the longest - 6-10 weeks, the nasal septum - 6-8 weeks, the wings of the nose - 4-6 weeks. With proper care, especially painful sensations can be avoided, but at the same time it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the professionals, and only specialists should make the puncture.