DIY Lightcube

For making a shadowless photobox, those who want to save will have plenty of simple and inexpensive variations - for example, from a cardboard box, from picture frames, from a laundry basket with mesh edges, and even from white PVC tiles for pasting ceilings. In short, do your own lightcube (lightbox) with your own hands from the most common materials that are found, if not in every home, then in any store “for the home” for sure.
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I personally chose the same cheap, but a bit more troublesome way, because in my cramped apartment with a free place it is very tight and I need this whole design to be easy disassemble and hide somewhere on the mezzanine. I also made a bigger size - I absolutely have nowhere to photograph, so it will come in handy when I need to shoot larger objects (well, like vases with flowers or handicrafts).


As for costs,my light cube cost me $ 8:
  • 2 standard Whatman sheet - $ 1.5;
  • 2 table lamps with clothespins - 2 , $ 5;
  • 2 LED bulbs of 10 W each (light is given as 75 W) - $ 2.5;
  • 3 PVC corners - 1 , $ 5;
  • glue, clerical clamps and scotch tape - it was already at home.
Lightcube with your own hands
From the tools you will need only scissors, carpenter's corner, ruler with a simple pencil and small scissors for sewing. And when all this will be laid out at arm's length, you can begin.

Making a lightcube

Lightcube with your own hands
Measure on the PVC-corner pieces of 50 cm - they will need 12 pieces to make "stiffeners" for whatman. Carefully cut these pieces with ordinary scissors and immediately work the edges, cutting off the ends of the sewing scissors at an angle (about an eye) of about 45 degrees, so you can do something like when joining the slats in a picture frame. The bottom surface of the resulting box is better to be covered with a strip of paper or a spotless white cloth, but since I did not have either one, I just put several sheets of cardboard on the bottom. It remains to send the lamps of both lamps to the right place and you can take pictures. As for me, everything worked perfectly. Good luck to you pictures!