Diet: what are wrong?

Now will be considered the most common mistakes in compliance with diets and how to solve them. So:

1 breakfast

It often happens that you go to work without having breakfast. Perhaps just did not have time or there were other reasons. After 3 hours you are already terribly hungry. The thought of a bun in a nearby kiosk or candy that lies on the table of a colleague slips over. Even if you are up to dinner, then having lunch, you will not give up the extra portion. Studies have shown that there can be no effective diet without daily breakfast.

Tip: try to plan your day so that there is time for breakfast or prepare everything from the evening. If you still do not have time, eat just an apple. Do not go hungry from home.

2 Alcohol

Going after work to a restaurant where they drank some wine, you will wake up your appetite. The fact is that wine is a high-calorie product, but the body requires food to restore resources after processing even a small dose of alcohol. Therefore, you have added more calories for dinner.

Tip: Try to avoid alcohol or drink very little. In case this happens, drinking plenty of fluids will help eliminate excess calories. Water participates in all metabolic processes, especially in the elimination of alcohol degradation products.

3 Not counted, but eaten

It so happens that you seem to be consuming calories, and weight gains. Perhaps the problem is that you finished the cake with your son, tried the dish while cooking, or ate something on the way. But these are also calories.

Tip: try not to eat anything between meals. Cook in moderation so that there is no desire to finish. By eating a little between meals, you can also trigger an appetite or take up the digestive tract with unnecessary work before a full meal.

4 calories in fact

Maybe it's the amount of food. If you see that the product is not fat or dietary, then this does not mean that it can be eaten in large quantities.

Tip: if the package says that the product is non-greasy or dietary, look also at the number of calories. Try to eat exactly low-calorie foods.