Determine the correct place of loading the powder in the machine

Modern washing machines differ in design from each other, and if there is no instruction at hand, then the problem may be not only the choice of the optimal mode of washing, but also determining where to load the laundry detergent or bleach.
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Where to pour the powder for the main and prewash

In the design of the vast majority of automatic washing machines, there is a sliding tray (container) for detergents and rinses, located on the front or top panel.

In washing machines with a vertical load, the powder tray can be placed on the lid of the laundry hatch.

As a rule, the tray is divided into three compartments. The smallest compartment is usually marked with a special symbol (it can be an asterisk or a flower) —it is intended for products used during rinsing (rinses or conditioners with a softening or antistatic effect).The other two compartments are designed for the means used for the main and prewash.

The compartment labeled “A” or “I” is used only if you have selected a program with prewash or soaking laundry. Detergents for the main wash are loaded into the compartment labeled "B" ("II").

If marking is erased, you can focus on the volume of the compartments. For pre-washing the powder should be less than for the main one, so many manufacturers make B compartment more voluminous. Another way to determine the compartment for the main wash is to start the machine at idle. Without loading laundry into the tank, turn on the washer by selecting the mode without prewash, and then pull out the powder container about half. You will see water begin to flow into the main wash compartment.

In the tray for washing powder you can load not only powder, but also liquid products: shampoos and washing gels, as well as bleaches and stain removers designed for automatic washing.

Is it possible to pour the powder into the drum

Means for washing can be loaded not only into the tray, but also directly into the drum of the washing machine.Some manufacturers of powders (in particular, children's clothes intended for washing) even recommend to pour them into the drum, and not into the tray. In principle, tableted powders are not designed for loading into a tray: the water flow will not have time to dissolve and wash them. Therefore, loading into the drum is the only correct way to use such tools.

Gels and shampoos for washing can also be placed in the drum (some manufacturers even supply the packages with detergent with a special container: a dispenser cap that is put into the drum along with the laundry).

But whitening powders and liquid bleaches and stain removers can only be loaded into the tray, otherwise their impact on things will be uneven, and contact with concentrated bleach can damage the fabric.